It’s not out yet, and as one of the most popular and highly anticipated series on Netflix, the company is particularly keen to make sure nothing leaks from the show’s final season. weird things. No spoiler policy. However, this time it was advertising materials that played a cruel joke on the service.

monopoly weird thingsone of the related products that is part of the advertising campaign of the series, he has spoiled completely what we will see in the first part of the new season. Don’t worry, we won’t comment on spoilers here, but be careful because they’re circulating the internet.

Logically, this pissed off its creators (and we’re guessing Netflix itself), as this time around they weren’t spoilers released by the first lucky ones to see the series. Mixture of guilt between advertising campaign and advertising product linked in advance.

Monopoly of Stranger Things Guilty of Spoilers

Series It won’t open for another week, May 27th.and the truth is that much more is already known about what we will see in the first part of the last (and highly anticipated) season than it should be.

Everything seems to indicate that the Duffer brothers have made a special effort to create surprises by taking advantage of the interest in the series, and now many of them have gone to waste for some of their fans.

The problem is that many of the Monopoly cards from Stranger Things mess up major plot points in new episodes, and this has particularly pissed off the show’s creators, as they point out in THR. Matt and Ross Duffer have gone to great lengths to keep this story under wraps, and according to the aforementioned media, they had a “total crash” when they found out that spoilers were already circulating on the internet.

And the fact is that, unlike other leaks, this time the game was purchased from “a nationally recognized retailer and an honest consumer. Nobody stole it; no one with insider information leaked it. The mistake of selling promotional materials ahead of time.

It seems that even the efforts of the Duffers managed to reveal everything.

Source: Hiper Textual

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