One of the most controversial and at the same time anticipated films within the framework of DC Extended Universe is about to be released. Near Flashstarring Ezra Miller. It was announced that this production was to restart the franchise. This goal, in addition to the cinematic sense, is also inspired by the cult comic: Flash point.

After several delays, some personal issues with Ezra Miller, and the possibility that Warner Bros. Discovery will abandon the project at some point, Flash It has taken on a relevance that can be key in superhero movies. This is no longer just a character-focused film, but a feature film that could change the history of the DC Extended Universe, and with it, what happens in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Like it’s a sporting event, the Marvel Cinematic Universe needs an opponent to keep it going. The same goes for the DC Extended Universe. One and the other feed on each other while superhero movie offerings don’t satisfy their viewers. So yes, in this context Flash it is something more than any production within the content program. To get some clues about her, you need to explore the saga. Flash point.

Flash point and its possible impact
O Flash

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the DC Extended Universe, you can often see them adapt historical characters in comics through recent releases and stories. This is the case Flash pointa limited edition released in 2011 that reformulated several issues in DC.

What is this comic about? Several timelines in the DC Universe have gone out of control.. There are characters who are in a time when they shouldn’t be. What is its peculiarity in relation to Flash? Barry Allen seems to be the only one who knows what’s going on. He, thanks to his ability to travel through time, will try to change this logic.

In this comic, Barry Allen wakes up before his mother is dead. While this is good news for him, the world of superheroes, as Allen knew, was turned upside down. There is no Justice League, Aquaman and Wonder Woman are at war, and Superman is a lab rat with no contact with the sun.

Knowing this context Barry Allen understands the scope of the challenge ahead of him: he must return this distorted environment to normal, besides the fact that this implies a reunion with the reality in which his mother died.

Some Screenplay Tips

From what the trailer says Flash and talk of the film serving as a reboot of the DC Extended Universe, Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen will have a task similar to that in the comic. The timelines in the franchise are messed up and he must intervene along with some superheroes to try and bring them back to their natural state.

The Flash (2022), Ezra Miller / DC Extended Universe // Flashpoint

To do this, he will be helped by one of his options in addition to at least two versions of Batman and Supergirl. The involvement of this last character is one of the interesting facts related to the adaptation. In the comic, Superman is out of the sunlight. In the preview on Flashthis is Supergirl, who is in a kind of laboratory.

Flash This will not be an adaptation copied from Flash point. This is unlikely to happen in any franchise due to differences between storytelling formats. However, this comic is serving as a reference so fans can get an idea of ​​what could happen in the next DC Extended Universe movie.

Flash releases April 25, 2023 in theaters.

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