Although snyderverse left in the past, there is still information related to vision, which Zack Snyder wanted to give one of the characters he worked with as part of DC Extended Universe. wonder woman from Gal Gadot He was one of the figures that the director wanted to change due to his origin story.

In comics and film adaptations, Wonder Woman’s origins have always been discussed on the table. Depending on the comic or the director’s vision, his story was approached from different angles. They have something that has prevailed: their relationship with the Amazons.

Zack Snyder took this factor into account. The one that was even featured in the character films, finally. However, his idea with Wonder Woman, embodied by Gal Gadot, was to make her a Kryptonian.. Yes, like Superman, she will come to earth from Krypton. But that is not all.

Zack Snyder’s plan for Wonder Woman as interpreted by Gal Gadot

During an event called SnyderCon2023, which was streamed through LadyJenevia’s YouTube channel, the director revealed his plan for Gal Gadot and her role as Wonder Woman. This considered the possibility that Zeus, his father, had some kind of relationship with Krypton.

Wonder Woman Zack Snyder's Bizarre Plan With Wonder Woman Gal Gadot

In the passage quoted, Zack Snyder commented as follows:

“The whole Ares and Zeus thing, (we thought) Zeus might be a Kryptonian. So, Wonder Woman’s powers… You can already see where the idea was going.. All yes or no to magic or gods (discussed). There’s a version where you’re like, “Probably cool.” But there is also a scientific aspect. You have a built pathology, so (other questions arise): “Where do the gods come from? What is it about?’ We played around with it a bit.”

Zack Snyder at SnyderCon2023

Eventually: Zack Snyder thought about the possibility that Wonder Woman was a Kryptonian. This would be against established canon of comics and film adaptations. Warner Bros. abandoned this idea. It was an interesting and controversial turn. amazing woman It premiered in 2017 and was generally well received.

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What’s happened? A modern version of the character was introduced. This happened to the actress who was in the spotlight at the time after her involvement with the franchise. fast and furious and other projects. Added to this is the context in which issues related to gender equality are taking an increasing place in industry discussions. Wonder Woman Gal Gadot was a symbol within that framework. Perhaps all this could change if Zack Snyder managed to bring his idea to life.

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