One of the most important films of modern cinema will return to the big screens in 2023: old man. This will happen on the 20th anniversary of the premiere. To this end, Neon, the company that owns the US distribution rights to the tape, introduced on May 10 new poster about the feature film. But the matter did not stop there.

Together with the promo poster, Neon brought an announcement: on May 11, a trailer for old man. The notification was accompanied by a brief but meaningful message: “He is back(“He’s back”) along with an image of the actor Choi Min Sik. This one, one of the most recognized interpreters of Asian cinema, holds in his hands the iconic hammer with which, in one scene of the film, he beats dozens of men.

This episode is considered one of the best in terms of action (and it is possible that modern cinema). That is why the symbolic meaning of this detail in the poster of the new production.

New trailer for old man:
theatrical re-release and 20th anniversary

old man was released in South Korea on November 21, 2003. A film in an environment where video streaming was not yet thought of and access to premieres was not easy, in the following years it reached various countries (for example, in Argentina and Spain). , it was introduced in 2005). Gradually, the feature film became a classic due to its tone, aesthetic proposition, violence, and result. Those factors are, of course, resurrected in this trailer.

YouTube video

In the middle of last year Diversity reported that Neon had secured the rights to distribute the feature film in the United States. Even then they talked about the ultimate goal of this step: to introduce director Park Chan-wook’s film to theaters to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of its release.. At the time, no date or season was given for the revival old man. It is also unknown whether this intention can be replicated in other countries.

The script for this film was written by six hands. Director Park Chang Wook worked on the lyrics with Hwang Jo Yoon and Lim Joon Hyun. After debuting in 2003 old man won the Grand Prix at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival.. The film’s reputation has grown to become a cult feature film, a staple of modern cinema.

old man this is the story of Oh Dae-soo played by Choi Min-sik. They kidnapped him and put him in prison for 15 years. After their release, they have five days to take revenge on those who imprisoned him. This argument sets off a wave of violence and unexpected twists in the narrative. The film will be released on August 16th.

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