In recent years, YouTube has become one of the most popular websites in the world, with millions of users accessing the platform to watch and share videos.

since its release YouTube Premium in 2014 The platform has expanded its offering and provided new options to its users.

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If you’re a frequent YouTube user, you may have already considered paying for YouTube Premium, but with so many subscription options available, It can be hard to know if it’s really worth the extra cost.

Among the benefits outlined on the official YouTube blog are: an improved, more personalized, ad-free viewing experience, among other qualities that can make it attractive to users.

If you’re one of those who jumps from a music video to an episode of your favorite show, the new video queue feature, Complete control over what you want to watch.

Now Premium members can arrange a play queue on their phones and tablets, which means they can decide exactly which video they want to play with one click.

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The “Meet Live Sharing” feature allows Premium members to host Google Meet sessions. All participants, premium or not, can watch YouTube videos together.

This feature is available via ‘SharePlay’ on Android devices and soon iOS.

Premium members can continue watching YouTube videos from where they left off, even when they change devicesit allows them to see them again without a single interruption.


‘Smart Downloads’ allows users to download recommended videos directly to your YouTube library while connected to Wi-Fi for later offline viewing.

They can enjoy enhanced video quality. 1080p HD especially in the new improved video quality setting in iOS, which will look sharper and clearer for videos with a lot of detail and movement.


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