The feature film was released in theaters in 2009 Private lawand the development of the sequel to the lead feature film was recently revealed Gerard Butler Producer Lucas Foster and screenwriter Kurt Wimmer will return in the new film, and Gerard Butler himself and Alan Siegel will serve as producers.

No details have been released about the story of the sequel to Private Justice. The first feature starred Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx, while the direction was entrusted to F. Gary Gray. The story centers on an assistant district attorney and a trial involving family man Clyde Shelton, who must witness the rape and murder of his wife and daughter. The trial of the perpetrators will lead to a result that will allow Clyde to take revenge.

Producer Lucas Foster said of the new project in production:

I am pleased to be working with Rob, Mike and Village Roadshow Pictures, along with my partner Kurt Wimmer, with the aim of revisiting the history of these great characters, and this theme, which seems even more relevant today than when we made the original movie. We’ll blow your brains out… one more time.

Private Justice is available on Prime Video.

Source: Lega Nerd

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