It’s no secret that Jeremy StrongWho’s playing Kendall Roy V successionIt is difficult for him to disconnect from work. Known for his “method of play” in that he doesn’t give up character when the cameras stop rolling, his dedication has surprising limits.

Bowen Yang, an actor and comedian who received recognition for his appearance on Saturday Night Live, commented on his podcast. bodybuilders Actor incident. While working on the last season Aquafina – Nora from Queensnext to the set successionsuddenly they see Jeremy Strong walking into the production office and asking where the toilet is.

They responded by pointing out where he was, the actor thanked him and left. But ten minutes later, the assistant producer from succession He walks into the office and asks, “Was Jeremy around?” And they said, “Yes, he came to ask about the bathroom.” To which the assistant replies: “Did you specifically ask where the toilet is?” Yang and the rest of the people in the office answer, “Yes, why?” To which he replies, “He has a scene where he has to ask someone where the bathroom is.”

“I think Jeremy Strong has taken the playing method to almost ridiculous levels,” explains Bowen Young during his podcast talk.

Jeremy Strong and the Acting Method

Strong’s devotion succession and her methodology for entering into the image of Kendall Roy was described in detail in an article published in December 2021. New Yorker. His obsession with his work has been criticized for the potential negative impact it could have on his fellow actors.

In fact, Brian Cox (Logan Roy) expressed dismay at Strong’s method of play in the same report: “I worry about what he does to himself. I’m worried about the crises he goes through to prepare.”

Recently, in another interview, Cox said that Jeremy Strong’s acting method is a bummer. “Don’t make me talk about it,” he said.

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