Mermaid Rob Marshall is the best live action from Disney up to date. Elegant rhythm, unusual musical part and Halle Bailey’s powerful performance as Ariel, the quintessential mermaid movie – a tribute to the original. As well as a tour of the fictional world of the main character, her family and the villain she will face. All of this sits below the surface of the ocean and in the midst of a breathtaking visual presentation that is reminiscent of some of the most amazing scenes from the animated film it’s taken from.

But the new version of the cinematic classic, at the same time, also reminds us of the ability of mermaid films to always surprise and captivate the audience. Throughout the history of cinema, depictions of the most seductive and beautiful mythological creatures have always been part of the show’s imagery.

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From innocent versions of Georges Méliès to macabre, plot-driven versions LighthouseRobert Eggers. These creatures with legendary and terrifying voices represent good and evil, but above all, an unsettling type of erotica. A variant of the fantastic that still attracts audiences and sparks discussions about the monstrous.

We leave you with five films about mermaids about their possible existence and the magnetism of the dark attraction they evoke. From an innocent girl from New York to an evil and cruel entity. The list includes a good collection of hits.

One, two, three… Splash

Mermaid has inspired more than one mermaid movie, and one of its most curious versions is One, two, three… SplashRon Howard. Allen Bauer (Tom Hanks) unlucky in love. In fact, his life is a series of romantic failures that broke his heart. Until, on a business trip to New York, he accidentally falls into the sea and is rescued by a mysterious woman with long blond hair. An episode from which he can only remember the beauty of his mysterious savior.

Obsessed with her, he will try to find her. But this will only happen when Madison (Daryl Hannah) reappears to reunite with him in an unforgettable romantic encounter. What Allen doesn’t suspect is that underneath the smiling and charming young woman he loves lies a fascinating revelation. His guest is nothing more than a mermaid. Something that will only be revealed if she comes into contact with water, which will cause her to regain her mythical form and force her to return to the sea.

This movie about mermaids is a satirical parody of the modern obsession with love. But he also analyzes wonder in relation to magic and fantasy from a contemporary perspective. Already turned into a film classic, it has a peculiar curiosity. Because of actress Daryl Hannah’s blonde hair, Disney decided during animation pre-production MermaidWhat Ariel I would have red hair.

Aquamarinethe book turned into a movie about a mermaid

The film adaptation of the book of the same name by Alice Hoffman is a story about growth, love and loyalty. With the peculiarity that he uses elements of the fantasy genre as a metaphor for maturity. In her film about mermaids, director Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum manages to balance the original tale’s childish tone with the more grown-up one, allowing it to create a tongue-in-cheek comedy with poignant overtones.

Claire (Emma Roberts) and Hailey (Joanna “JoJo” Levesque) are two teenagers who vow to remain friends forever. So the fact that Hayley is about to leave her native Florida for Australia is a big little tragedy. However, the dilemmas of leaving home and breaking up will be forgotten when they both make a surprising discovery.

Aquamarine (Sarah Paxton) as a mermaid stranded on land after a storm. An accident, which, moreover, carries with it a complex circumstance. The mythical creature is looking for true love and has three days to find someone to fall in love with. Otherwise, she will be forced to marry the son of the sea king.

Now inseparable, Claire, Hayley and Aquamarine will try to avoid the fate of an arranged marriage. In addition, they will understand, each from their own point of view, that leaving childhood behind means making painful decisions. This mermaid movie that begins as a children’s comedy tour ends with a creative reflection on hope and goodness.

pony on the rock

Studio Ghibli has produced some of the great animated films of our time. One of his most famous works is a film about mermaids from an almost childish point of view. pony on the rock (Gake no Ue no Ponyo, in Japanese) tells the story of a very small mermaid princess who wants to become human for love. But this time it is about affection, born in childish innocence, which gives the argument a rare beauty.

The story begins when a tiny creature escapes the sea and is washed up on the coast of a city in Japan. Finds her there sosukethe five year old boy who baptizes her ponyo and takes care of her. Immediately, a powerful bond develops between them, which mixes loyalty and charm and makes them ponyo try to become human to stay on dry land. However, her father, a powerful wizard of the sea, opposes her wishes and tries to bring her back home.

But love has a high price. ponyo she begins to transform into a human and loses her mermaid powers, causing the natural balance to be disturbed. WITH sousukeyou must then work to save the world from destruction and prevent their separation.

In a touching mix of fantasy, adventure, humor and tenderness, the director’s script explores innocence and its inherent strength. Joe Hisaishi’s soundtrack makes this mermaid movie one of the most touching moments. Especially in the last episodes, when the choice between love and redemption becomes decisive.

Nereydark mermaid movie

Throughout Western history, mermaids have also been seen as dangerous, manipulative, and deadly creatures. A look than a mermaid movie Nerey, from director Georges Pady, stands out with a chilling tale of primordial evil. This time, the legendary figure turns into a haunting version of cruelty and a fearsome primitive appetite.

Sarah (Itziar Martinez) decides to visit the house of one of his childhood friends. While swimming in her pool, she is attacked by an unknown creature. When he manages to escape from her, he is unsure if he is dreaming of a near-death match or if it is an actual attack. As this whimsical mermaid film unfolds, the heroine is plagued by eerie dreams in which the creature she glimpsed in the water reveals itself in all its horror.

Gradually, Sarah begins to understand that what seems like an unhealthy obsession is actually supernatural in nature. One is increasingly sinister and cruel. The reimagining of the old figure of mermaids comes to cinema as a horror film in which mystery questions reality. The point the script will return to in its shocking final scene.


Thomas Wake (Willem Dafoe) lived alone for many years in a lighthouse he guarded on a New England island in the 1890s, so the arrival of his future assistant, Ephraim Winslow (Robert Pattinson), becomes a disturbing element in the sad routine of his daily life.

Over time, the coexistence of the two men becomes increasingly tense and claustrophobic. especially when Ephraim he begins having terrifying visions, including an attractive mermaid. Besieged by isolation, what seemed like a nightmarish image eventually becomes reality, turning the silent world of the lighthouse into an increasingly bloody battle of wills.

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Although the image of the mythical sea seductress is not central to the plot, Robert Eggers includes her in his story as a symbol of horror. The film also raises the dilemma of mermaids as creatures capable of embodying cloud attraction. A point that will lead the film to its most disturbing and darkest scenes.

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