After staying in the hospital for 28 days to fight severe cancer, Medical staff of a clinic in Bogotá confirmed the death of Liliana Carrillo. Ex-wife of vallenato singer Omar Geles.

Woman He is remembered for inspiring several songs and for his charisma in relating to people. In fact, it was known as “la mona linda”.

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She had two children with the singer and accordionist she accompanied for a few years of her artistic career. That’s why she’s said to be the muse of songs like ‘Una Hoja En Blanco’ and ‘No Mercece Una Traición’.

The singer stated in an interview that Liliana is the “love of her life.” and that you will always love him:

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The first song I wrote was for the first love of my life, the mother of my first two sons, Ömer Yesid and José Jorge.. Thank you, Liliana, for allowing me to raise those children, or rather for raising them for me with such greatness and principles. Thank you Liliana, I will always love you,” Geles said.

In addition, Local media say the woman was “immortalized” in the song “I’ll Wait for You”. Composed by Omar Geles and performed by Miguel Morales in 1986.


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