on 8th of June shark attack shock corn A The 23-year-old Russian man was surprised at the animal he saw swimming. In one of Egypt’s Red Sea resorts.

“The sudden and unexpected shark attack this afternoon in the tourist city of Hurghada caused the death of a foreigner,” health sources told Egyptian media Al Masry al Youm.

The unfortunate attack was videotaped and later shared on social networks.

According to the footage, the man was shouting for help as he was swallowed by the shark. References cited Efe that one of the nearby ships could not save him.

after the fact, victim identified as Vladimir Popov23 is a Russian man permanently residing in Egypt, according to the Russian consul general to Egypt.

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According to the Russian agency Tass, the consul general said “he died as a result of a Russian shark attack” and asked to be more careful at sea.

On the other hand, officials stated that swimming at the scene is prohibited until the extent of the threat is clear.

In fact, the animal that caused the attack was caught for examination. Environment Minister Yasmin Fuad sent a team to the scene to take security measures and conduct an investigation.


“Given the abnormal behavior observed in the shark that caused the incident, and the previous incidence of attacks on humans by this shark species, the expert team caught the fish that caused the attack and to find the cause of its attack and indicate whether it was the same shark that caused the previous attacks.” published in the note. Efe.


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Source: Exame

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