Young Anderson Miguel Páez León was taken to the Dumian Clinic in Girardot, Cundinamarca at around 11:40 am on the morning of February 1. The report from that medical center stated that a relative stated that the 34-year-old man had passed through the glass window. He was injured 40 minutes ago and swam in the pool for a long time. He later loses consciousness.

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That medical center, Anderson Miguel “He came in with no vital signs, was completely cyanotic, cold, non-reactive dilated pupils, bruised from multiple wounds”says report.

Due to the strange circumstances of this case, The young man’s mother, María Cecilia León, wanted a thorough investigation of what had happened to her son because his relatives were in complete emotional shock from the loss and asked the reasons at the medical center while searching for answers. There, without going into details, it was said, “That boy was beaten and there was a blow to his spine.”

According to early versions of events, the man would have slipped through a window and drowned in the pool of La Esmeralda farm in Ricaurte in Cundinamarca. But, María Cecilia León, in dialogue with EL TIEMPO, said that she did not understand how such a strange situation and an event that at first glance seemed completely absurd could occur.

This newspaper, according to the accounts of the young man’s body, made by Forensic Medicine, of those who took him to the clinic, would have passed through a glass door or window and then drowned in a pool.

The forensic expert classified the young man’s death as follows: “severe”.

His mother said wistfully that Anderson’s body had numerous bruises along its length. This version is also supported by the autopsy report, which mentions trauma to the young man’s face, torso and extremities.

Anderson Miguel was a merchant who bought and sold cars and also owned a cell phone store in Bogota. He lived south of the city and had rented a farm in Ricaurte, where he died that weekend.

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María Cecilia remembered that it was 11:22 am on the morning of February 1, 2023. She received a call from her underage grandson that Anderson had drowned in a swimming pool.

Surprised by the situation, the woman gave her cell phone to her other children. immediately went to the Girardot clinic To the place where the lifeless body of the young Bogota youth came from.

According to the Forensic Medicine report, the man entered the care center at around 11:40 am. He had no vital signs as he had numerous cuts and wounds on his body.

In the same document there is also a “Secondary spinal cord trauma, cervical dislocation and tissue anoxia”.

This autopsy, known to EL TIEMPO, explained that Anderson Miguel suffered from multiple trauma. With multiple wounds throughout the body, the most important lesion being a blunt trauma at the level of the cervico-dorsal spine spinal cord, which causes displacement of a vertebra that occupies the medullary canal (where the neck joins the thorax), depending on its severity, can make the person immobile and lethargic downward from the injury site (in this case it can be arms and legs).

Added to above The man from Bogota had the commitment of the whole organism by being submerged in water; so water got into your bodycausing suffocation, which would explain the cause of death as a whole.

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In other words, The blow to his upper spine immobilized him. Even such blows can leave the paralyzed person..

But, the same autopsy made it clear that all the components that led to these results should be investigated by the authorities, because it was a traumatic death for which circumstances were not clear at autopsy.

That’s why María Cecilia asks a few questions: What was it like at the time of the events? Why did you decide to jump out the window? Did someone release? Why did no one rush to help him after such a blow? Why do they say that he continues to swim when he has probably remained motionless? Has he been shot before? Why are there traces of blood in many parts of the house?

MoreoverThe young man’s mother noted that the versions given by her son’s partner were confusing. and that they do not coincide with the statements given at the Girardot clinic.

Among other things, he commented: Anderson’s partner told him he died drunk, but days later changed the version: reassured him that he had died of an overdose.

In the forensic medicine report prepared by Forensic Medicine, it was also detailed that he had many tears in his body, the deepest in his hip. “Two types of wounds were found as a result of a sharp element with definite edges, and wounds from short blunt elements with broken edges, these two types of wounds however, since the characteristic of the glass is that it may be a short, blunt element with irregular and irregular edges, it is not possible to specify first with which cutting element it was produced”.

Four and a half hours after the accident at the La Esmeralda farm, CTI agents from the prosecutor’s office arrived at the scene after the man’s violent death was investigated at the clinic.

In the document held by EL TIEMPO, it is read that the Forensic Police officials applied the search method by region and searched with the support of artificial light. They found traces of blood in various parts of the house.

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“Footprints or stains, which appeared to be human blood, were collected in various parts of the house. The evidence numbered 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 (floor, wall and sheet) was specified in the Forensic Medicine report.

In addition, Anderson’s mother said the young man’s partner told him there was a security camera there. He said he pointed to the window where the body might have fallen into the pool.

However, when María Cecilia requested a copy of the recording in question, They said that the camera does not record videos and only works in real time.

He also mentioned that Anderson’s partner told him this. felt when the body fell into the pool, but that she fell asleep because she saw the young man move smoothly.

In dialogue with EL TIEMPO, María Cecilia explained that her son had told her several times that she did not have a good relationship with the surviving couple: “They kept fighting and the woman threatened him.”

“She does very ugly things. Please pray a lot for me.” María Cecilia commented on the last message she received from her living son.

Her mother Call for justice in the investigation He says and asks the authorities to speed up the determination of the young man’s causes of death.

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AgainProsecution sources consulted by EL TIEMPO stated that the case would be archived. He said third parties disagreed and the truth would be reduced to the fact that “the young man ran through the glass door and fell into the pool”.

On the other hand, The Forensic report requested supplemental studies of blood and urine samples for toxicology, which is not yet known.

The mother insisted that the case should be clarified.


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