The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the city of Gus-Khrustalny opened two criminal cases for production and distribution of counterfeit goods against Cross LLC, where the information was confirmed, but without details. Under the article “on the illegal use of means of individualization of goods” (part 3 of article 180 of the Criminal Code), manufacturers of counterfeits New Balance, Adidas, Puma, Nike and Reebok face up to four years in prison.

Two criminal cases were opened against the Cross company for counterfeiting New Balance, Adidas, Puma, Nike and Reebok

Information about the initiation of criminal cases was communicated to RBC journalists by a source close to the Ministry of the Interior; The information was confirmed by a source from the regional police department. The data was later confirmed by the regional police department.

The actions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are a logical continuation of the resonant story of searches in the warehouses of Cross LLC in the Vladimir region. In October, employees of the local Department of Economic Security and Anti-Corruption of the General Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs discovered about 140,000 pairs of counterfeit sneakers in the village of Vashutino, and then about 500,000 more in Lakinsk.

It should be noted that after the first batch of products with “signs of counterfeiting” was removed for analysis, the remains seen previously disappeared from the warehouses.

The investigation is convinced that the Cross company manufactured products without a license and without the knowledge of the copyright holder. The company is led by CEO Quan Hongtao and Business Director Alexander Chebotar.


Ekaterina Alipova

Source: RB

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