‘Final Fantasy’ is one of the most popular video game franchises worldwide. It is produced by the Japanese company Square Enix.

Recently, one of their new installments was released in which they present a new story of living in the region of Valisthea.

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It also describes in detail all the adventures that gamers can experience through Clive, Jill and company characters.

This new video game stands out as something different from the other installments that the aforementioned company has given out. because it has decided to innovate in various fields.

That’s why we want to show you6 tips to take your video game playing experience to another level.

Enjoy the exciting new story ‘Final Fantasy XVI’ He will try to catch you from the first moment, because he will want to know how the story continues from the beginning, its development and its ending.

Obviously, every player has their own way of enjoying the game, but according to ‘3Djuegos’, it’s important that Square Enix does so, at least in the first episode, so that it can directly focus on the full experience it offers to its consumers.

In each video game, the player can choose which one to play, butEverything will depend on the level at which he has to face these challenges and of course this new story.

Story Mode is recommended to play this game in a calm and fun way, because from the first contact you will be immersed in everything the new game has to say.

As stated earlier, this installment brought innovation in every way, For this reason, it is a game that continues to evolve at the battle level throughout the development of its game.

It stands out for its fast and frenzied combat, and the main advice given is to take advantage of one of the most used mechanics in this series, the ability to dodge.

Many new functions can be made in this new title, One of them is to be able to equip some accessories that allow us to have some basic advantages for battle. Based on the above, you are invited to review these accessories to check it out perfectly.

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These video games are characterized by the fact that there are many moments when audiovisual content stands out. Thus, you will be able to enjoy the vast majority of them, because even in the fight with enemies you will have such videos that you can use to think about your next shot.

It is known that Eikon’s powers can be used in ‘Final Fantasy XVI’. These abilities belong to the summons that this titles saga has always had, but on this occasion, you will be able to configure and find different types within the same item. The best thing to do is to try all these features to see which one suits your play style best.

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