Developers of Ricochet, anti-cheat systems call of Duty, keep adding new methods to detect and disable cheaters. The latest – and innovative – is capable of induce “hallucinations” on users who use cheats for illegal profit in games such as Modern Warfare 2 And war zone.

What kind of hallucinations are we talking about? As the Ricochet developers explained, this method places “bait symbols” that only those who are cheating can see.. Yes, scammers call of Duty they will see opponents who are not really there.

This tool will be used to deal with scammers that have already been verified as such and to detect other suspects. “These fake characters are invisible to legitimate players and cannot affect their goal, progress, end-of-match stats, or overall gameplay, but serve to mislead cheaters in a variety of ways,” the Activision team explained.

Undoubtedly, hallucinations will not only allow the creators call of Duty make fun of scammers, but they will also make it easier for other players to get rid of them. Indeed, Ricochet’s ultimate goal remains to discourage the use of cheating – both software and hardware – in order to get better results during a gaming session.

“Hallucinations” come to the anti-cheat system call of Duty

The real player and his “hallucination”, the latter is visible only to scammers. Photo: call of Duty.

Like this call of Duty turned to hallucinations, which is very interesting, since we are not talking about characters created with the help of AI. Ricochet’s creators explained that these imaginary adversaries in fact they are clones of other real players who participate in the same game. This means they “see, move and interact” with the world just like a real player would. The difference is that they can have a different appearance than the character they are imitating, so as not to arouse the suspicion of scammers.

In fact, hallucinations generate the same information as real players. Thus, when they appear near a cheater, they cause an identical reaction to the tricks used for cheating, such as activation aimbots.

Activision is trying to fight cheaters call of Duty allows the emergence of more and more interesting tools. Let’s remember that earlier the Ricochet team developed several other methods to fool the liars. From taking their weapons away to making legitimate players invisible so they can’t kill them.

It is true that since its first implementation, Ricochet has allowed tens of thousands of cheaters to be permanently banned. However, mitigating measures, such as the emergence of new hallucinations, serve another very important purpose: Collect the information. By disabling cheaters, Activision gains valuable insight into how their cheats work and how methods of illegal gaining advantage are evolving.

“The data we collect through the analysis of protected players improves our ability to reliably detect and block players using similar cheating software,” they stated in a blog post. call of Duty.

Source: Hiper Textual

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