In the second half of next July, the three most anticipated films of the year will coincide on the poster: mission impossible 7, Barbie And Oppenheimer. It is scheduled to premiere in this order, first with Tom Cruise and then others, led by margot robbie and Cillian Murphy, which will be released on the same day. On this occasion, Cruz issued a challenge, which Robbie has already answered.

Last June 28, 2023Tom Cruise posted the following message on his Twitter profile:This summer is full of amazing movies to watch in theaters.. Happy 40th birthday to Harrison Ford, one of the most iconic characters in history, Indy. I love dual function and it couldn’t be more explosive (or more rosy) than with Oppenheimer And Barbie“.

This comment was accompanied by three pictures showing him with the director mission impossible 7, Christopher McQuarrie. Tom Cruise appears in each with tickets to view. Indiana Jones 5, Oppenheimer And Barbie. It’s part of the actor’s strategy to promote the cinematic experience, something he’s been pushing for even more after a period of lockdown due to the pandemic due to COVID-19.

His message about the competitiveness and promotion of films was well received. But he didn’t stay there. Margot Robbie and production Barbie they embraced the idea and were also asked to promote other productions.

Tom Cruise, Margot Robbie and the challenge Indiana Jones 5, mission impossible 7, Oppenheimer And Barbie

Via official Twitter profile Barbie, film, three other images were shared. You can see in them Greta Gerwig, the film’s director, and Margot Robbie imitating Tom Cruise. The director and actress appear with a ticket and a different movie in each photo. In their case, the feature films they promote Indiana Jones 5, mission impossible 7 And Oppenheimer.

The official account shared these images with the following message: “mission accepted“. When looking at the upcoming release schedule, July stood out as it was the month that four mainstream productions converged. Indiana Jones 5, mission impossible 7, Barbie And Oppenheimer they will be contesting part of the movie audience during this month and part of August.

In this regard, a kind of dispute arose about which production could attract more viewers. With a challenge offered by Tom Cruise, perhaps unintentionally, that rivalry fades and the undercard match seems somewhat friendlier. In addition to being understood as a commercial and communications strategy, the message is clear: beyond taste, the goal is to encourage people to go to the movies after a difficult time for the industry.

Will Christopher Nolan and Cillian Murphy be involved?

Source: Hiper Textual

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