It was shocking. Pedestrians on Calle 98 and Carrera 7 started running when they heard gunshots. from the windows, itResidents began recording that some criminals were looking for a way to escape after they tried to attack.

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Videos are an essential part in this case. In the footage, two men mobilized on a motorcycle prevent a luxury white van to attack a man.

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But the victim resists and that’s when the alleged robbery spirals out of control for the thieves. At noon on Thursday, June 29, in a matter of seconds, They try to break the window of the car and when they can’t reach their goal, they shoot at the truck.

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The person traveling in the car is injured in the leg, but then an event starts if you want cinematographic. It seems that the thieves everything went wrong.

The eyes of the neighbors recording the reasons for the gunshots coming from the windows and the people who heard the blow ran away, and the thieves tried to escape by getting on the motorcycle again.

In the videos, you can see a strong man in a white shirt with a briefcase and another man in a wool and black jacket trying to get around in his motorcycle, a Yamaha MT-09, to escape the authorities caused by the scandal.

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However, their motorcycle stopped and their next step was to intercept a house in the area. They tried to get him off the motorcycle, they shot him, but he resisted.

Desperate, the thieves again stopped another car, this time a taxi. You can see in the footage that they frightened the taxi driver and forced him out of his vehicle. The stocky man in the white shirt gets in as the driver, while the accomplice gets in the back.

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1 security operations commander, Lieutenant Colonel Edwin Castiblanco, confirmed that two people on a motorcycle attacked a citizen traveling in a white van. It was learned that the citizen was referred to a clinic in the north of Bogotá regarding his health condition.

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The motorcycle that was thrown at the crime scene is one of the items Police are investigating to find the thieves. Police also offered 10 million pesos as a reward for finding the stated ones.

Stolen taxi blocks were later found, and security cameras were scrutinized to find the escape route.

The robbery victim arrived at the emergency room with gunshot wounds around 1:30 p.m. this Thursday, Clínica del Country said in a statement.
“Given the circumstances of his admission, our medical and assistance team responded to him immediately.‘, they pointed.

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The man continues with an implicit prognosis due to his injuries and has had surgery. The police reported that after the incident that occurred in the seventh race, the citizen came to the clinic with his own means, accompanied by a patrol.


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