Gay Pride marches took place on Sunday, July 2, in Bogotá, Medellín and other Colombian cities where diversity is celebrated and Comprehensive Trans Law is demanded. for community recognition.

(Keep reading: This will be the march and counter march of the LGBTIQ+ community in Bogotá).

They also demanded their protection, considering Colombia is the deadliest Latin American country in terms of sexual and gender opposition. According to a report by the Regional Information Network on LGBTI Violence in Latin America and the Caribbean (Sin Violencia LGBTI), at least 148 LGBTI have been killed.

(In context: Colombia, the deadliest country for LGBTI people in Latin America: special report).

Although the International LGBTIQ+ Pride Day is June 28, the mobilizations have been dated to Sunday.

(Follow the Medellín marches here: Pride Medellín 2023 LIVE: LGBTIQ+ Pride best photos).


Source: Exame

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