Since its inception 35 years ago, Street Fighter has defined and shaped the fighting game genre, with more than 47 million copies sold. This year Capcom released Street Fighter 6, a new milestone in the saga and, in our impressions, exceeding expectations in almost every way.

In this title, graphical improvements and animations of special attacks create an impressive visual feast. Thanks to Capcom’s powerful RE engine, battles are lively and dynamic, making for a highly engaging gameplay experience.

The new Street Fighter 6 features three main game modes: Fighting Ground, World Tour and Battle Hub. Each adds an exciting new dimension to the fighting genre.

Fighting Ground brings together the core fighting modes of previous games: including Arcade Mode, Training Mode, Battles Against Locals and more.

World Tour is an immersive single-player story mode that allows users to leave their legacy with their avatars.

Battle Hub is a destination that offers players new and unique ways to connect, communicate and interact with fighters from around the world.

This is where the particularly notable online multiplayer experience happens. Players can challenge other players from around the world or enjoy watching fights in real time, adding a highly engaging social component to the game.

A particularly exciting feature is the addition of real-time commentary featuring well-known personalities from the Fighting Game Community. This feature not only adds an extra level of immersion to combat, but also makes it easier for newcomers to understand the game.

As for the character roster, it was announced that Rashid of the Turbulent Wind, known for his parkour moves and fast attacks, will join the character roster on July 24, 2023, reaching a total of 19 playable characters. Rashid comes with a host of new and classic moves that are sure to bring a new dynamic to fights.

The new control scheme, called the Modern Control Type, is a valuable improvement. This scheme simplifies the inputs for special moves, resulting in a more fluid gaming experience that is less dependent on memorization. Additionally, the Propulsion System adds a strategic level, allowing players to optimize their offensive or defensive abilities.

Our tests were on Xbox Series X, and as a result Street Fighter 6 is an impressive game with high-quality graphics, intuitive controls and exciting gameplay.

On the other hand, the arrival of new characters like Rashid and the promise of more content in the future like AKI, Ed and Akuma characters point to a bright future for this title. At EL TIEMPO, we are excited to see how Street Fighter 6 evolves in the months and years to come.

Source: Exame

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