On the night of January 11, 1995, a Intercontinental company flight departed Barranquilla for a stop in Cartagena and continue to San Andrés. After hours, The sole survivor of the accident was being taken to the hospital to treat his injuries. The event left a balance of 52 deaths.

The flight was HK 3839 and was captained by Andrés Patacón, a pilot with more than 19 years of experience with the company. NeverthelessThe plane crashed suddenly and devastatingly on María La Baja in Bolivar.

According to the testimonies collected by EL TIEMPO at the time of the incident, several people in the vicinity heard a noise and rushed to the place where they found the dead people and the remains of the plane in the middle of the swamps. .accident.

Oscar Díaz, photographer of the newspaper ‘El Universal’, was one of the first reporters to arrive on the scene.

According to a comment he made in an interview with the same psychic 25 years later, the experience was traumatic. “I could see the suitcases, parts of the plane, but when I started shooting the camera, the flash was illuminating the floating bodies of the victims. I endured a few days without sleeping with those images.”.

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“He would have drowned for sure if he had fallen into the water, but we do not know how God placed him in a safe place,” said Andrés Ramos, who lived in the area at the time, speaking to EL TIEMPO.

Referred to Ramos Erika Delgado Gómez, the only survivor of the tragic accident, the nine-year-old girl.

It seems that the man, along with other people gathered around the swamp, heard her cry in the midst of the chaotic silence and decided to go into the dark to save Erika.

“The place where we found it was deep, but because it was light, it didn’t sink because of the plants that supported it,” Ramos said. Erika has been found on some aquatic plants that are often too thin to support much weight..

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According to Ramos’ comments at the time, Erika tearfully asked only her father, Carlos Delgado; mother, Maria Antonieta Gomez; and his younger brother, his father’s namesake. None survived.

The little boy was taken to the Caribbean University Hospital in Cartagena to be treated for some wounds and bruises on his body.

Two years after this event, EL TIEMPO published an article describing the events that could have led to the accident.

Germán Duarte, head of the Aerocivil Air Safety Office at the time, commented: The conclusion about the accident is not 100% correct, because in the case of such events, there is a “probable cause”.

With that in mind, what the investigation revealed at the time were two main errors.

Although the sound recordings of the last minutes could not be accessed due to the fact that one of the black boxes of the plane could not be found.The investigation reveals that it appears that Captain Patacón and co-pilot Eduardo Ríos have decided to change places in the cabin..

This is for the purpose of having a teaching moment. According to Duarte’s comment to EL TIEMPO at the time, This procedure—training in commercial flight—is prohibited by international civil aviation regulations.

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This led to the moment when the second error occurred. Apparently, When the plane began descending 15 minutes after its arrival at Rafael Núñez airport in Cartagena, the altimeter was damaged and continued to show an altitude of 16,000 feet..

The plane had another altimeter at the co-pilot position, occupied by Captain Patacón at the time, but the light was broken and the mix of nightfall and poor lighting in the cabin did not allow good observation, so the pilots are very likely to notice the error when the plane is already very close to the ground.

Due to the way it crashed and crashed into the plane—in three different places—the investigation aims to target the crew trying to “save the height” by noticing the plane’s height—too low.

This theory is also supported by the following fact: The oxygen masks were never activated, suggesting that it is highly likely that neither the passengers nor the rest of the crew received any warning before the plane crashed..

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