The Antioquia Administrative Court has decided to appoint someone from the same group as the mayor of Medellin, Daniel Quintero, who was recently dismissed by the Attorney General’s office for alleged involvement in politics.After Quintero was suspended as mayor of the capital city of Antioquia, President Iván Duque appointed Juan Camillo Restrepo as acting mayor.

The background to the case shows that the dismissed mayor, Daniel Quintero Calle, belongs to the Independent Movement and has been temporarily suspended from office, so according to the norm, the responsible mayor must be from the same political party.

Responsible mayor Juan Camilo Restrepo Gómez does not belong to the same political movement as the dismissed mayorWith the decision of Antioquia Contested Administrative Court – First Verbal Chamber, it was decided to “admit the case filed against No. 2 of the Decree Law No. 723 dated 11 May 2022”.

The court says: “With this Temporary suspension of the mayor of the Medellin Special Region for Science, Technology and Innovation came into effectIt is ordered by the Deputy Attorney General of the Nation and an order is made”, issued by the Minister of the Interior as a delegate of presidential duties.

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The Independent Movement, with Quintero elected as mayor, recently sent President Duque a shortlist to appoint a mayor in charge of Medellin.

On the list are the current Government Secretary, María Camila Villamizar; Andree Uribe, Minister of Health; and Karen Bibiana Delgado, Secretary of Materials and Services.

The mayor was fired a few days ago. Daniel Quintero visited the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR)In the city of Washington to reveal their situation.

What Quintero is seeking is for the state to return him to his post as mayor of Medellin. To do so, she stated that her suspension was “unconstitutional” and assured that attorney Margarita Cabello had dismissed her “biasedly and without due process”.

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After leaving the said meeting, Quintero assured the media that he “made observations to the Colombian government on Friday as there are expectations regarding the decisions taken by the IACHR, but they are observing with concern what is going on in the country.”

“There is a great risk of the collapse of democracy in Colombia, a government that has exhausted its democratic path now resorts to all unconstitutional strategies that violate international law to bring itself to power,” Quintero said.

After learning of Quintero’s suspension by the Attorney General, city ​​cabinet members reject the mayor’s dismissal and replacement by a responsible person.

Source: Exame

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