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This was the state of affairs as of June 2022: Resident Evil 4, Final Fantasy XVI and PS5, PS4 and PS VR2 news


Summer Game Fest started with this presentation June 2022 Statusvery anticipated due to the amount of information about future PS5 games… even though this presentation was about studio games. third party and PSVR2.

The last general presentation of State of Play, without focusing on any particular game, was on March 9, 2022, and it brought us announcements from indie developers, one from Capcom (Exoprimal) and several from Square Enix (DioField Chronicle, Forspoken and Valkyrie Elysium). ):

As always, here’s the full (live) recap of June’s State of Play, approximately 30 minutes long.


State of the Game June 2022 in SPANISH – LIVE – Follow it with us!

Here we leave you the news with the relevant trailers and some of them will surely surprise most gamer users.

We have seen announcements of new franchised games as well as many games developed by small studios that look very good.

Resident Evil 4


Resident Evil 4 Remake State of the Game Trailer

It was sung, but many did not expect to see it today. But Resident Evil 4 Remake is already a reality, and Capcom has confirmed it for March 24, 2023with a trailer that shows many familiar scenes and characters (Leon S. Kennedy, Ashley, Salazar) in an adventure that takes place in Spain when a cult kidnaps the daughter of the President of the United States.

Some rumors about Resident Evil 4 Remake have suggested that Ada Wong will take a more lead role this time around, and that many scenes will take place at night… which we were able to verify in this first trailer using the RE Engine.

Resident Evil 4 remake coming out March 24, 2023, next generation only (PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, excluding PC). It will contain exclusive content for PS VR2.

  • Details about Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil: VR Village


Resident Evil Village PS VR2

The first game announced for PS VR2 is Resident Evil Village for Virtual reality games 2021 (remember that the previous Resident Evil VII was also playable on PS VR), which will be available when PS VR2 comes out (none of these games will appear on the original PS VR headset). For now, yes, no trace of the alleged Village DLC…

The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners Chapter 2: Retribution


The Walking Dead PS VR2

The new part of the first-person shooter The Walking Dead, the second chapter of Saints & Sinners.

Sky Without Man VR


No Man’s Sky on PS VR2

Another game we’ve already played in “normal” format is coming to PS VR2. It doesn’t have a date either, but we’re guessing it will be another one of its launch games.

Horizon Call of the Mountain


Sky PS VR2

The Horizon spinoff for PS VR2, developed by Guerrilla and Firesprite, looks impressive in its first playable trailer.

With Horizon Call of the Mountain, the PS VR2 gaming section is closing less than we expected… to focus on some very powerful PS5 and PS4 games. at the moment, neither the PS VR2 games nor the headset are obsolete: If they didn’t announce it today, it’s very likely that it will happen in 2023.

  • Learn more about PS VR2 games

Forbidden horizon west

Horizon Forbidden West New Game Plus Update

Recent game Horizon Forbidden West Gets a big update TODAY on PS4 and PS5 with New Game+ Mode, Super Hard Mode, Performance Mode…

  • Additional information about the Horizon Forbidden West update

Spiderman on PC


Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered Game State June 2022 Trailer Announcement I PC Games

One of the most popular PlayStation games confirms its arrival on PC, Insomnic’s Marvel’s Spider-Man released in 2018. 12th of August. Insomniac has confirmed that its sequel Miles Morales will also be coming to PC at a later date.

  • More information about Spider-Man

to roam


Stray – State of Play Trailer June 2022

The release date for the third-person sci-fi adventure starring a cute kitten has been confirmed: July 19 and PS5 and PS4. And beware, it will be free for users of PS Plus Extra or Premium (that is, the catalog that used to be PS Now).

  • More about the lost

Callisto Protocol


Callisto Protocol State of the Art Trailer

The first gameplay trailer from Striking Distance Studios from Dead Space creator Glenn Schofield. It’s a third-person survival horror game set in a space prison overrun by mutants… and it’s supposed to be the same universe as PUBG, even if it’s only noticeable in short blinks.

Callisto Protocol Confirms Release Date December 2nd only on the next generation (PS5, Xbox Series and PC). In other words, it’s ahead of the Dead Space remake that EA will release in January 2023.

  • More about the Callisto protocol
External hard drive



Rollerdrome – State of the Game Trailer

Private Division and Roll7 (creators of OlliOlli) present a sports game with skates… in which we can also use pistols to finish off enemies. And all this with stylized 3D graphics, similar to animated comics, and stylish time dilation.

Rollerdrome Could Be A Multiplayer Sensation When It Releases August 4 on PC, PS4 and PS5.

Eternal night


Eternal Nights – Trailer

Eternights is a new third-person action game with stylized anime-inspired graphics… mixed with a dating sim coming out earlier this year. 2023 on PS5 and PS4. Also on PC, but on consoles it’s a Sony exclusive.

Street Fighter 6


Street Fighter 6 – State of the Game Trailer

First deep look at Street Fighter 6 Coming in 2023, it’s way better than that first teaser. The graphics are colorful and rich in special effects, the characters are very expressive, but the biggest surprise is that… is this an open world game?

At least in the first images, we saw the character go through the open environment in the Big Apple in search of fighters in what seems to be called the World Tour.

Jamie (new fighter), Luke, Chun-Li and Ryu. These are the fighters shown in the first images of the game that we can use in the online mode called Battle Hub.

Confirm launch in 2023 on PS5 and PS4, as well as PC and Xbox Series X/S (not Xbox One).

  • Detailed information about Street Fighter 6



This is Tunick, the most beautiful indie Zelda of 2022

One of the best games of the year, classic Zelda-inspired adventure game Tunic on Xbox and PC is confirmed for PS4 and PS5. It comes out September 27th.

Season: Letter to the Future


Season: Letter to the Future State of Play Trailer

A new take on Seasons, the beautiful game announced last year at another PlayStation event, a third-person narrative game starring a young photographer traveling the world on a bike. will come out Fall 2022 on PS4, PS5 and PC

final fantasy xvi


Final Fantasy XVI Gameplay Trailer Domination

It’s news time final fantasy xvi. War ravages the kingdom of Valistea, home of the Mother Crystals, in a fast-paced trailer too violent for a Final Fantasy game, with monsters and summons (Ifrit, Shiva) bigger and more destructive than ever.

Naoki Yoshida, producer of FF XVI has unveiled this first trailer confirming its release date, summer 2023.

  • Additional information about Final Fantasy XVI

Final Fantasy XVI was the last State of Play announcement. remember, that FF XVI will be exclusive to PS5 consolesat least temporarily for a year or more (it will also be released on the PC).

Remember, this has only just begun: a week later at Summer Game Fest we’ll have news on these 30 guests, and maybe we’ll get more information on some of the games we’ve seen today.

Source: Computer Hoy

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