The bleeding of big names doesn’t stop at Epic Games. Sergey Galyonkinone of the inspirations Fortnite And Epic Games Store, announced his departure from the company. The news comes just days after laying off 830 employees and complements the recent departure of Donald Mustard, one of the men responsible for the success of the popular program. battle royale.

Galyonkin, who served as director of publishing strategy at Epic Games, announced his departure via statement on X (Twitter). The above does not detail this decision, so it is unknown whether there is any direct link to last week’s staff cuts.

However, the executive mentions that his departure is because he is no longer a good option for the future of the company. “Epic Games is in the process of transitioning from a game developer, graphics engine creator and publisher to the Epic 5.0 platform. I’m not the right person for this version of Epic.why do we need other types of personalities,” said Sergei Galyonkin.

Of course, the explanation of the now former studio director after Fortnite and Unreal Engine is far from clear. For now, he has stated that he intends continue to be associated with the video game industryalthough it remains to be seen whether he has already decided on his next destination.

Epic Games is losing another of its most important executives

With his departure, Sergey Galyonkin completes an almost 8-year journey within Epic Games. The executive joined Tim Sweeney Studios in February 2016 and was part of the team that introduced Fortnite and developed a successful monetization model. But his contribution was not limited to the popular game, but also He played a pivotal role in the development and launch of the Epic Games Store..

In fact, Galyonkin came to the company with significant knowledge of how video game distribution platforms work, since he was the creator Steam spy. The website, which is still active today, burst onto the scene in 2015 to offer automated Steam performance statistics, including sales data and average playtime for each game, among other things.

In his farewell message, Epic Games’ former director of publishing strategy saved the evolution of both games: Fortnite both from the Epic Games Store. “We have shown that the free-to-play, pay-to-win model can work at scale. We’re challenging the status quo in game distribution with an 88/12 revenue split.“, he asserted.

Lots of changes in a short time

It will be interesting to see how Epic Games’ strategy continues after losing two of its most important figures, Donald Mustard and Sergei Galyonkin, in less than a month. The company is in the eye of a storm after recently laying off more than 800 employees, as well as the sale of Bandcamp and the independence of part of SuperAwesome.

Tim Sweeney, the firm’s CEO, claimed that they were spending more money than they were taking in and that it was necessary to make unfriendly decisions to find financial balance. Hours after the announcement of staff reductions and divestment measures, V-Bucks prices were announced to increase. Fortnite in several countries, including Spain.

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