According to the latest statements shared on the net by now known leaker Tom Henderson, Hideo Kojima would new horror game by title Overdose Henderson revealed that he would even be shown footage from the game that illustrates Overdose’s atmosphere and characters.

For example, in one of these trailers, the leaker says he caught a glimpse Margaret Qualey, the actress who plays Mama in Death Stranding, wearing a blue dress. However, Henderson clarifies that this is not the sequel to Death Stranding, recently confirmed by Norman Reedus, but a completely new title.

The footage Henderson has seen shows the character walking through dark hallways and making his way with a flashlight. According to what was stated, the scenes shown were also in third person but apparently you could also play first. At the end of the video, the words “A Hideo Kojima game” and finally “Overdose

Regarding what Henderson said, it seems that Overdose is exactly the new title that Kojimja Production would be developing for Microsoft. Obviously, as always, we remind you that such information remains pure and simple at this point indiscretions and that is why we invite you to take the reported with pliers.

The fact is, however, that if Henderson’s statements turn out to be correct, it is very likely that we will see another announcement shortly, perhaps to mark the occasion of theXbox & Bethesda Showcase or earlier during Geoff Keighley’s event on June 9.

  • Hideo Kojima’s New Horror Game Is Called “Overdose” (

Source: Lega Nerd

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