The Xbox has been in the dry dock of exclusives, but yesterday introduced a flurry of games. Given that the arrival of Forza, one of the highlights of the conference, was highly anticipated, the huge list of announcements was unexpected and strange. Of all the great exclusives and yes, the great tenths because they were small, there were a lot of them and some very interesting ones, two highlights were made by big industry players who have now joined the Microsoft payroll: Bethesda and Blizzard.

Blizzard took advantage of the storefront (waiting for confirmation of purchase) to announce the release date for Diablo IV and, by the way, confirm what many of us already feared when buying: an Xbox exclusive on consoles. The second, Bethesda, finally showed what many have been waiting for: Starfield gameplay after its delay.

Xbox closed the conference with perhaps the most anticipated game of all that will appear on the console in the coming years. Starfield ended the presentation with a full 15 minutes of gameplay.. You can see most of the game’s great mechanics in it, and while something is still missing, especially in terms of gunplay, the truth is that it looks a lot better than we all expected.

Whatever the case, it’s still Bethesda and the truth is When it comes to creating open-world games, they don’t remain in the shadows. The size and dynamics of Starfield are impressive, and with over 1,000 planets to explore, it feels like it will be everything No Man’s Sky promised in its time, but wrapped in an AAA aura with the stamp of Skyrim’s creators.

However, as we’ve said, these aren’t the only great games coming out during 2023. In fact, some of great titles planned for this 2022 they will be pushed back to next year, just like the expected STALKER 2, but everything points to a great year for Xbox:

All new games announced at Xbox Showcase

Overwatch 2 for Xbox (F2P)

Diablo IV, Xbox and PC only

High quality of life

Plague Tale: Requiem

Forza Motorsport, Xbox and PC only



Wo Long: The Fallen Dynasty

ARA: The Untold Story

FlintLock: Siege of Dawn

The Elder Scrolls Online High Isle

Ark 2


Minecraft legends

Light year border

Gunfight Reborn

The last case of Benedict Fox

Ace Dusk Falls

Naraka: Blade’s Edge



Ereban: Shadow Legacy

Source: Hiper Textual

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