Bad news for fans Destiny 2. Bungie has confirmed that the launch Final formthe next expansion of the popular game, was postponed. This means players will have to wait a few more months before accessing the DLC, which the studio says will be “the culmination of the game’s first 10 years of storytelling.” Fate“.

According to the PlayStation Studios-owned team, Final form will be available on June 4, 2024. It is worth recalling that the original idea was for it to become available to the public on February 2 next year.

Thus, the company will have four more months work on content and hone it as much as possible, not only with the goal of forming the most loyal subscribers Destiny 2but also to restore the players who distanced themselves from this proposal.

Final form It is the culmination of the first ten years of Destiny storytelling and the countless hours Guardians around the world have spent together. “We want to honor this journey, so we’re taking the time necessary to realize an even bigger and bolder vision that we hope will be remembered and treasured for years to come,” they wrote on the official Bungie blog.

This confirms a rumor that surfaced in late October after it was reported that the studio had laid off more than 100 employees. Among those who lost their jobs was Michael Salvatori, the renowned composer responsible for the music Fate And Halo. At that time it was said that Destiny 2 And MarathonBungie’s next full-fledged game will compensate for the effects of staff cuts.

Journalist Jason Schreier Bloombergstated that the intention of the signature was delay the release of new DLC Destiny 2 until June. Absolutely accurate fact.

Next extension Destiny 2 will arrive June 2024

Final form will be a turning point for Destiny 2. This expansion will be the last one the game receives as part of its current content schedule. Let us remind you that after this launch Bungie will abandon the format of 4 annual seasons and will adopt a 3 big episode strategy.

It is already known that the first three will be called Echo, Revenant And Heresyand take the events as a starting point Final form. Of course, with the delay in the release of DLC, it is logical to think that the episodic graphics Destiny 2 will have to be adjusted due to delay.

Basically, Echo It will be available from March to June 2024. Revenant This will take place from July to October; And Heresy will do the same between November next year and February 2025. Now that Final form postponed to June, dates will have to be updated. However, it is not yet known how.

If you’re wondering what will happen to Destiny 2 Between February and June 2024, Bungie has promised to fill this gap. Although most of the narrative and content Season of Wishesthe new season, which starts today, November 28, will last until February, as originally planned, It will last until June.

Some of the content that will be added to “stretch out” the season will be weekly progression-based missions and new rewards. In the meantime, it will be launched in April Into the lightupdate with 2 months of content for all players Destiny 2. Among other new features, new maps and refreshments will be added to cross-class competition.

Bungie promises that there will be more information about the next expansion. Destiny 2 in April 2024, including a demo of updated gameplay. “We know that they strive to have Final form In your hands. In that sense, delays are no fun. For our part, we are glad that we have the additional time needed to bring our vision to life. [del DLC] for all of you,” the studio said.

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