Having dedicated the last few years Cyberpunk 2077 and its expansion Phantom FreedomCD Projekt RED has decided to put all its future efforts into the new trilogy The Witcher. To the point that almost half of its developers are now involved in this project.

This was confirmed by Polish research during the presentation of financial results for the last quarter. In a chart presented to investors, the company said more than 300 development team members dedicated themselves polar Starthe name under which the project will begin a series of games that continue the events The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

“Team [dedicado a Polaris] has been growing steadily and reached almost 330 developers by the end of last month. The number is expected to grow to more than 400 by the middle of next year,” he explained. Adam KicinskiCEO of CD Projekt RED.

When the company announced its ambitious plans for the franchise The Witcher In October 2022, he confirmed that about 150 developers are working on preparing the first part of the game. polar Star. And although this figure has already more than doubled, the real shift in resources has occurred in recent months, after the launch Phantom Freedom.

Judging by the graph shown, the team that created the sequel The Witcher 3 This is already the largest in the studio. The second group consists of those who are still associated with Cyberpunk 2077 and its expansion, as well as “developers in transition”. The latter will undoubtedly add polar Star in the coming months.

New trilogy The Witcher This is CD Projekt RED’s next big bet.

It is clear that the Poles have big plans for The Witcher in the coming years, and not only thanks to the project polar Star. Let us remind you that The Molasses Flood is working on a new game in the franchise, known within the company as Sirius. Although this proposal is being handled by an American team, it is being overseen by CD Projekt RED.

Road map The Witcher also includes Big Dogan open-world role-playing game that will be developed by third parties using Unreal Engine 5. Although details about this initiative are still scarce.

Relatively polar StarIt’s clear that CD Projekt RED wants to put all its energy into this project. in the house. It is not yet known when the first part of this new trilogy will be released, although it was mentioned during its announcement that Requires at least 3 years of work. So only starting in 2025 will we be able to see this in action.

In any case, the company has already stated that it intends release all three games in just 6 years. This is an ambitious goal and even a little risky. By dedicating the majority of your internal resources to the next The Witcherthey will certainly be keen to avoid an episode like a catastrophic launch Cyberpunk 2077.

Despite the fact that almost half of CD Projekt RED developers are already working on the first part of the next trilogy The Witcher, some minor parts of the staff are still associated with other tasks. We are talking about Siriusthe above title from The Molasses Flood, GWENT (digital collectible card game The Witcher) and other unspecified projects.

Source: Hiper Textual

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