PlayStation 2 It is one of the most famous consoles worldwide; If you want to continue enjoying your games, you can now android phone.

PS2 Thanks to its large number of games of high quality and variety, it remains famous more than twenty years after its introduction to the world market.


But in 2023 there are those who prefer to have everything near their mobile phones: social networks, calls, good cameras and even video games that they previously enjoyed on consoles or computers.

The theme of ‘gamer’ entertainment has already become a reality for phones, because not only new games are being created in good resolutions, but also games that create nostalgia by remembering the past already have ‘mobile’ versions.

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The ‘Rockstar’ company is responsible for developing this extraordinary video game saga called ‘.Grand Theft Auto‘. The versions available for mobile phones with Android operating system are: ‘GTA San Andreas’, ‘Grand Theft Auto III’, ‘Liberty City Storie’s’, ‘Vice City’ and ‘Chinatown Wars’. It is worth noting that all this costs between 5 and 8 dollars.

This role playing game is just Available for Android but also available for iOS. It has good resolution and an easy-to-learn gameplay style. Each operating system can be found in stores for $5.

This racing video game is also available on Android and iOS. Many experts in the field carry out tests shared on social networks and guarantee that: ‘Most Wanted Need for Speed‘ features large-scale roads and special effects that create excitement and adrenaline. It costs almost $6.

This popular shooting game is also developed by ‘Rockstar’ and costs two dollars on Google Play. Revolves around video game Max Payne, an undercover agent accused of the murder of a colleague. Since then he has been persecuted by the police and people with an illegal lifestyle.

It’s completely free and based on the sport’s various ‘arcane’ mode tournaments. According to Google Play, the game offers the opportunity to compete against 50 players in 18 international stadiums where you can enjoy hours of entertainment.

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