Mozilla announced that Desktop extensions coming to Firefox for Android in a few days. Several months after confirming that they would offer support for this feature in the mobile browser, the company has set a date for when they will be available. Users will have toAccess over 400 plugins from the palm of your hand.

In a post published on the company’s blog, Mozilla confirmed that desktop extensions They will be available from December 14th. in Firefox for Android. Those interested will be able to access them directly from the add-ons website, as is the case with the browser version for computers. The company said it has been working over the past few weeks to ensure compatibility with mobile devices.

“We are very impressed by the passion and preparation of the developers,” said Giorgio Natili, CTO of Firefox. “Just a few weeks ago, it looked like we were going to release a couple hundred extensions for Android. But now we can say with confidence that more than 400 new Firefox extensions will be available for Android.”

To give you an idea of ​​what’s to come, Mozilla has added more than 20 extensions to the Firefox for Android catalog. Likewise, a link is posted online to allow mobile browser users to directly access compatible versions.

Between Add-ons available starting today ad blockers detected uBlock Origin, AdGuard AdBlocker and Ghostery. We also have tools to improve our productivity, such as Tomato Clock, Image Search or Dark Reader, the latter puts the entire web into dark mode to protect our eyesight. Finally, Privacy Badger vs ClearURLs They are an alternative to fighting annoying trackers that threaten our privacy.

Extensions are a key part of the Firefox web interface.

Extensions important for improving your web browsing experience. Although these plugins are not required to access the page, they optimize the time we spend on the Internet, add features or protect people’s privacy.

YouTube becomes more attractive when we have uBlock Origin and Enhancer active.. The first helps us deal with advertisements, while the second allows us to control aspects such as video speed, choose the default playback quality or customize keyboard shortcuts to access other options. If we add Return dislike to YouTube We will display a “Dislike” counter on the video, a feature that the platform removed some time ago.

Another recommended extension for Firefox is Facebook Container, which prevents Facebook from tracking your online movements. When activated, the browser isolates the pages you visit to prevent Mark Zuckerberg and company from using your data for targeted advertising.

The only drawback of plugins is that Some hackers use them to spy on you or steal your information. Before you install it, you need to make sure that you are doing it from the Mozilla website and check the user ratings. Some extensions usually have an official icon that identifies them as recommended by the browser.

Source: Hiper Textual

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