While neither the size nor scope is clear, hundreds of users are reporting that their PlayStation Network accounts are permanently suspended for no apparent reason. Some users have hundreds of games on their accounts, which means they have spent thousands of euros.

As of now, Sony has made no mention of this incident either through its official forums or Twitter support account. Moreover, it seems that It can be expanded to all regions, from America to Europe.and some users saw their accounts blocked while playing through a pop-up that said their account was permanently blocked.

The main problem is that Sony supports does not indicate the reasons for the ban, as the general message is that “terms of use have been violated” and while bans are generally permanent, users can appeal and find out the status of the suspension, but this is a completely opaque process. The only “solution” that Sony support offered to users who reported this was to “create a new account.”

PlayStation Network Ban Seems Temporary

However, many users reported that his ban was temporary and after a few hours your accounts were restored to their previous state, removing restrictions, but there are no general instructions on this matter:

Around 2:00 pm PT my account was permanently suspended. Account reinstated at 10:30 pm PT.

User on Reddit

On the other hand, some users still report that their account remains permanently locked, with no explanation, and no recovery. Although, given the scale and global prevalence of the bans everything indicates that this is a bug that will be fixedWe recommend that you check the status of your account to see if there are any issues.

And if you have any pending blocks, see if you have any charges. Typically, these types of account bans occur when a purchase is made on a PlayStation account that cannot be charged, but never in general.

Source: Hiper Textual

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