Thor: Love and Thunder It’s a journey through all the ups and downs of the character tetralogy. From the ferocious conqueror of Kenneth Branagh to the space viking Taika Waititi. The character has become a good example of how the Marvel Cinematic Universe can develop. And also how it grows and deepens through the points of interest that connect it to essential good and evil.

Actually most of Thor: Love and Thunder is a look at new aspects of the Marvel franchise. What starts out as a film that is almost a self-parody ends up becoming a shining example of evolution and maturity. In particular, his final scenes make it clear that Thor, more than any other hero, has turned into a predictable story arc. Become a human in search of purpose and in the end with a new world to discover, Thor is an emblem. A way to understand the Marvel franchise in a completely different way than we’ve done so far.

In particular, its final episodes are surprising in that they go through several moments that make it clear that this is only the beginning of Thor on the road to new narratives. We leave you with a step-by-step explanation of what each scene could mean, as well as plot twists.

What happens in the final scenes of Thor: Love and Thunder?

finally Thor: Love and Thunder Thor and Gorr find themselves at the gates of Eternity, ready to fight each other to the death. Meanwhile, Jane is stranded on earth after discovering that using Mjolnir prevents her body from fighting cancer. Thor eventually frees the children kidnapped by the villain, including Axel Heimdallson, Heimdall’s son. This then gives them the ability to defend themselves against the shadow creatures that Gorr creates, which are an immediate threat they must face.

Finally, Thor confronts Gorr to stop Thunderbolt and Bifrost from opening the way to Eternity.. This possibility would allow Gorr to summon a single wish, and at this point it is clear that it would be revenge for his daughter. The genocide of the gods, capable of destroying any divine being. However, Thor is ultimately defeated by Gorr and nearly killed by the Necrosword.

But Jane Foster makes the final sacrifice. Transformed into Mighty Thor, she arrives to defeat Gorr and destroy his fatal sword. In general, he manages to save Thor from certain death only at the cost of his own life. The villain, played by Christian Bale, manages to open the door to Eternity and walk through it. After the destruction of the Necrosword, Gorr also finds himself on the verge of death. But he still has enough energy to conjure a fatal desire that fuels his lust for revenge.

But in the end, realizing that desire against Eternity is more than a form of twisted justice, Gorr recaps. So he asks for his daughter to come back to life.. On the other hand, Thor holds the dying Jane Foster, who dies in his arms at the same time as Gorr among her daughter’s arms. In the final scenes, the Asgardian hero grants Gorr and Jane’s last wish and raises the villain’s little daughter. A twist that opens up the possibility of several things at the same time.

How did Jane Foster end up at the gates of Eternity?

Thor: Love and Thunder

As an argument Thor: Love and Thunder, the Valkyrie horse is more than just a beautiful creature. You can also create portals that allow you to travel long distances. This is exactly what happened when the Mighty Thor decided to go in search of Thor and help him.

The final journey, which also links the character to the Valkyries, showcases his new relationship with his newly discovered nature of Asgard. And also proving that his healing from Mjolnir is more than just a side effect. This gave her the opportunity to ride a Valkyrie and gain the eternal glory of the warriors of Valhalla.

Will Jane Foster/Mighty Thor return despite her death?

Jane Foster dies after significant casualties in Thor: Love and Thunder and is rewarded with eternity in Valhalla. Something that confirms the post-credits scene and ultimately closes – for now – the character arc. However, this may not be the final end for Jane Foster/Mighty Thor.

In the comics, Thor cannot come to terms with Jane Foster’s death and uses Mjolnir. combined with Odin’s help in Valhalla to bring him back to life. As if that wasn’t enough, also in the comic, Thor has the ability to talk to the people of Valhalla. And finally, the presence of Heimdallr himself in the mythical Norse afterlife. In Marvel’s version, it’s not just a vacation spot. It is also a prelude to the return of the warriors to fight at the end of the world. Will this be a plot or part of a future Thor movie?

Will Eternity be able to grant wishes again after Thor: Love and Thunder?

In the comic Eternity is the essence containing all the stories, events, and locations of Marvel mythology. And in fact, it is beyond stories and events, because it contains them all. But in his film version, it’s kind of a place with a will. And with one rule: Grant a wish to the first one to strike.

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Marvel Studios

So, at least in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it would be impossible to use the wish bestowed by Eternity again. But it’s likely that if the creature’s concept gets much more comical, we might see it in the company of Galactus, the world-eater. An intriguing opportunity with the Fantastic Four project is just around the corner.

Who is Love, Thor’s daughter, really in Thor: Love and Thunder?

After a battle with Thor and the realization that revenge against Eternity is impossible, Gorr calls for the return of his daughter. The wish is granted and the girl returns. But it seems that Eternity has not only brought the little girl back to life. He also endowed her with all sorts of powers.which could connect her to the Singularity, a curious character from the world of Marvel comics.

In its paper version, the Singularity appears after the collapse of the multiverse and reaches the Earth line – 616 after various events. In her stories, the Singularity has teleportation and time travel abilities. And more interestingly, he had several narrative ties to Ms. Marvel’s Kamala Khan. Another Young Avengers member at the door?

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