Like every Wednesday, there are new draws from Manizales, Valle and Meta Lotteries. Find out here which are the winning numbers in the draw to be played between 10:30 and 11:00 on December 6th.

(Also: Saint Pancras, the saint to whom luck and money are asked in the lottery: This is how they pray to him).

If you have won any of the jackpot prizes or dry prizes drawn by these lotteries, it is worth remembering that the Single Tax Register certificate (RUT), a copy of the citizenship card extended up to 150 percent and the ticket in perfect condition must be presented. conditions.

The Manizales Lottery is awarding 2,200 million pesos as the jackpot prize, the Meta Lottery is promising $1,500 million, and the Valle Lottery is offering $6,000 million to the winner.

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The biggest prize of 2 billion 200 million pesos goes to the winner of this prize. It matched number 0971 of the 189 series.

The 6,000 million pesos jackpot prize brought by this lottery It goes to number 6184 of the 140 series. Play every Wednesday around 22:30

The winning number of $1.5 billion finally given by ‘llanerita de los Colombianos’ It goes to number 2556 of the 113 series.


Source: Exame

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