What was just a rumor a few weeks ago took on more force this weekend than ever. User X (formerly Twitter) found evidence that Sony is working on an MMO horizon, a successful franchise from Guerrilla Games. It appears, however, that the company managed this with as much secrecy as possible. The oversight appears to confirm that the project is indeed underway.

The person responsible for the discovery was @Couracasis, who has shared other interesting investigations with us about future video game releases in the past. According to his report, NCSoftSouth Korean studio, working on Land of Salvationwhich is internally known as Project Skyline or Project N. Until then, everything is fine, since video game companies usually hide the final titles in the early stages of development.

The curious thing is that logo Project Skyline There’s the same printing house horizon. In addition, NCSoft’s LinkedIn profile has several job offers related to the said project. More precisely, an MMORPG.

It would be completely normal to assume that this supposed MMORPG based on the universe horizon will be released on PlayStation 5. However, at least the vacancy states that the game is being developed for PC and mobile devices. No consoles. Another option is that the adaptation for PS5 will be carried out by another studio.

“NCSoft has registered a domain for a game called Land of Salvation. This could potentially be the official title of the Horizon MMO. This assumption is based on the fact that this is the only unannounced game we know of that could be revealed in the near future. Of course, this could be some other project that we don’t know about.”


MMO horizon Unreal Engine 5 will be supported

Another important detail is that NCSoft will be creating an MMO horizon With Unreal engine 5. This is different from the parts of the main saga starring Aloy, which were developed using the Decima Engine, Guerrilla Games’ in-house graphics engine. Kojima Production also took advantage of this to bring this to life. Death.

Now if the new offer horizon already on its way to mobile devices, it makes sense that they are powered by Unreal Engine 5. Epic Games’ engine fully supports iOS and Android, while Decima Engine only supports PlayStation consoles and PCs.

@Kurakasis adds that MMO horizon will be in development from 2021. Approximately 140 people belonging to one team responsible for the MMORPG. Pedigree, participate in the development of the game. However, its launch is expected after 2024.

What is NCSoft’s relationship with Sony? So, last November the Japanese announced cooperation agreement with NCSoft. Their work mainly consists of creating games for computer and mobile devices.

“Like Sony Interactive Entertainment, NCSoft shares a similar vision of creating high-quality, immersive entertainment experiences for gamers around the world, and together we are excited to collaborate to further push the boundaries of gaming,” the announcement reads.

So of course all these parts are consistent with the MMO rumors horizon. If the information is correct, it is likely that they will make it official within this year.

Source: Hiper Textual

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