A new earthquake was reported in Colombia on Sunday night, January 7.. The Geological Service of Colombia (SGC) confirmed that the earthquake occurred in the center of the country at 18.19.

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The epicenter of the earthquake, which had a magnitude of 3.4, was 7 kilometers away from the Lenguazaque municipality of Cundinamarca. This time the depth was 150 kilometers.

Authorities are not reporting any damage or incidents at this time.

SGC invited citizens to report whether they felt the earthquake by filling out the Detected Earthquake form at sismosentido.sgc.gov.co. The above is intended to help authorities keep a close eye on these events.

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Google uses ‘ShakeAlert’ system, a network of 1,675 seismic sensors to detect tremors. The app analyzes sensor data to determine the location and magnitude of the earthquake.

“Android Earthquake Alert System is a free service that detects earthquakes around the world and can warn Android users before shaking starts,” the tech giant explains.

This option works for free and its main purpose is to support authorities and people to prevent deaths in these natural events.

Step by step walkthrough to enable vibration notifications on your mobile phone:

1. Open phone settings.

2. Press ‘Security & Emergency’ and then ‘Earthquake Alerts’.

3. If you can’t find the ‘Safety & Emergency’ option, press ‘Location’, then ‘Advanced’ and then select ‘Earthquake Alerts’.

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Remember that you should always keep your mobile phone’s location or GPS active in order to receive a warning in case of an earthquake.

The official emphasized that Colombia is a very seismically active countryAn average of 2,500 earthquakes can be recorded per month.

“Most of these earthquakes are imperceptible to humans, but some can be of high magnitude and cause impacts at the surface, so we must be prepared and make good decisions to manage the risk,” the SGC said.

In fact, 1,254 earthquakes were recorded between December 15 and December 28, 2023, and three of them were above magnitude 4.0.

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Source: Exame

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