The console war has sparked a passionate debate about the possibility of a console war. Nintendo Switch 2. Major competitors, Xbox And game station, They seem ready not to be left behind in this scenario. There have been rumors of a possible launch. PlayStation 5 Pro and one next generation Xbox.

In this critical period for the console market, three years have passed since the release of the next generation consoles, creating great expectations for the future. According to the information circulating around; Sony is considering releasing PlayStation 5 Pro towards the end of 2024. Xbox is expected to introduce Xbox Series X Refresh, which has a cylindrical design and a new controller, at the end of November 2024.

As for the next generation consoles, Xbox It looks like it’s planning to take the lead, as rumor has it it will be released around 18 months before its release date. PlayStation 6 is planned to be released in 2027 or early 2028. Despite possible progress XboxThis does not exclude the following possibilities: PlayStation 6.

If PlayStation 6 If it is delayed, it may have more advanced hardware, which could make it a leader in the next generation consoles. Although everything is based on rumors for now, it seems that the competition for supremacy in the console world will be intense and full of innovations. The industry and fans can’t wait to see how things will develop and what new things await us. The future of video games.

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