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The PC case that’s probably worth more than your entire computer (including GPUs)


When assembling a desktop computer, there is an important element that is usually not given due attention, namely: Typically, users focus on elements such as the motherboard, processor, RAM, and most of all, graphics.. But all this should be integrated into a single space and aesthetically pleasing.

Yes, the element that usually gets marginalized from the rest is the box in which all the components rest. There are many types and sizes, cheaper or more expensive; but usually its price does not exceed the cost of key components such as a processor or chart. Although there is always an exception and we found it.

And it is that a computer case has been launched that has several features, among which is its price. A box from Regner’s hands costs 1899 euros.. Yes, you read it right. This desktop case costs almost as much as a complete computer with decent graphics and processor.

It may seem that this product falls into the category of luxury or high-end equipment, but the truth is that it is just the opposite, since usually equipment that falls into this category usually does not have more utility than it is intended to show off. On the contrary, the Regner computer case has a clear functionality.

This case is designed to be used as a cooling source for various computer components.. The secret is in the design, and the sides of the box act as radiators, so we have two elements of considerable size that should effectively cool the water circuit.

This is not a small or light box, in fact its total weight reaches 21 kilograms, so we are in a component that can compromise tables whose quality is not enough to support this weight. Inside, you can integrate motherboards of different sizes: E-ATX, ATX, Micro ATX and Mini ITX..

The structure is made of aluminum, which may be a mistake for some refrigeration enthusiasts as this material does not respond as well to corrosion as nickel. Of course, the network writes that it has an anti-corrosion element, but this should be checked.

Source: Computer Hoy

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