First trailer GTA 6 shocked the world and broke several records after its publication in early December last year. The trailer for the game, which will bring the franchise back to Vice City, has created quite a stir, making fun of several real-life situations that have occurred in the United States in recent years and causing a stir. Among many arrest Lawrence Sullivanwho went viral in 2018 for his face tattoos and green hair, earning him the nickname Florida Joker.

The trailer parodied Sullivan’s arrest. GTA 6, by including a very similar character. Although the face tattoos were different and the hair color was purple, it quickly became apparent that Rockstar Games was directly referencing the above. And the Florida Joker didn’t miss it.

A few months ago, Sullivan made headlines by threatening Rockstar Games with legal action over the use of his likeness in a game trailer. GTA 6. The subject initially demanded $2 million from the studio. although this figure later rose to $10 million. A complaint that likely caused laughter at Take-Two Interactive, which never responded to the allegations.

Now, through a publication on TikTok, the Florida Joker has once again made a message addressed to the creators of GTA 6. Sullivan said that he does not plan to file a lawsuit against the company, although he still claims that financial compensation and inclusion in a new game.

The Florida Joker now wants to be part of GTA 6

In a post on social media, the Florida Joker left a million-dollar request for Rockstar Games. Nevertheless, He asked the studio for several thousand dollars and the opportunity to voice a character parodying him in GTA 6.

GTA, Rockstar, Take-Two, we need to talk. I won’t sue them anymore, but they still owe me money. Two full months have passed. They haven’t contacted me yet. They haven’t sent me direct messages yet. Let’s do the right thing. Give me $50,000 or $100,000. Let me voice the character, let me go to post-launch fan meet-and-greets and sign autographs with them and take pictures with them. Come on man, we were in the news all over the world, on every blog. All the media talked about my presence in the game. Everyone knows who I am, believe me. So GTA“Rockstar, we need to talk,” Sullivan said.

The Florida Joker’s rant didn’t end there. In a video he uploaded to TikTok, he continued to ramble about how his presence did GTA 6 was more relevant, among other issues. At best, he gave Rockstar Games more reasons to continue to mock him.

Let’s remember that the character parodying the Florida Joker in the film’s trailer has not even been confirmed. GTA 6 have a brilliant presence in the game. While the game’s initial announcement was exciting, we still don’t know what the story will be about, starring Jason and Lucia, and how they will interact with the rest of the characters who appear in the chaotic Vice City.

GTA 6 There is no confirmed release date yet.. Rockstar only said that it will be released in 2025, but there is no more official information on this matter. This week, Ubisoft’s CEO suggested that the game might not hit the market until after April next year.

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