this tuesday day Fall Guys launches in ‘free-to-play’ format across all platforms (free-to-play) suffered a server crash, so its users were unable to use it.

Apparently, the explosion was so big that the game’s servers couldn’t handle it, and Fall Guys fans are now “Disconnected. Your connection to the server has been lost!” They see a message that says

Although many start looking for solutions to the connection problem, such as restarting their computers or internet connections, the error is common and all they can do seems to be to wait.

However, heThe company is already aware of the failure and has made it clear through its Twitter account that they are working to resolve the issue soon.. They also thanked their players for their patience.

“We’re aware that some players are currently unmatched! I made a cake for us to celebrate our Free For All broadcast but I left it on the servers and now I’m cleaning up the computer parts. On the official Fall Guys account, thanks for your patience, though, I’ll make us a new cake!” Wrote.


Epic Games’ famous video game was released for Windows and PlayStation in 2019, however, On June 21, Fall Guys was released for free on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and the Epic Games Store..

According to Fall Guys, the video game in any of the above options will feature features that allow users to play with friends no matter what platform they are on and keep progressing on any compatible console.


Source: Exame

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