My favorite car game has dreamy graphics and exemplary physics

We invite you to discover Art of Rally, one of the most popular car games on the App Store

Art of Rally is one of the most popular car games of recent times on the App Store

Last week, one of our editors recommended an entertaining game that has certain parallels with the magnificent work Monument Valley and delights us with puzzles full of puzzles. optical illusions and visual perspectives to exercise the brain. This time I will recommend a car game with great minimalist graphics.

Art of Rally is one of my favorite games for many reasons. Have very immersive game mechanicsGraphics that make the most of iPad Pro’s Neural Engine and incredible physics deliver a high level of realism.

The Art of Rally: a pleasure for all the senses

Art of Rally is one of the best car games for iPhone and iPad today. Developed by Noodlecake, available for iPhone, iPad and Mac and costs 8.99 euros on the App Store. It may seem a little expensive to you, but believe me when I say it is worth every penny. Also, if you can buy a hamburger for 10 euros, why not treat yourself to a fun game?

The artistic part of Art of Rally is fascinating, and it’s probably the thing that’s caught my attention the most since I made this list of the best games for the iPad right now. However Art of Rally is much more than a game with minimalist graphics and great visual beauty. Game mechanics, level of customization, physics, craziness… It has everything to become your next favorite game. It’s mine now!

But let’s dig a little deeper. Gameplay by Art of Rally. Initially, the game has an interesting section that allows you to customize your game mode by enabling or disabling it. stability support, transmission system or brake lock. Of course it also allows you to choose your favorite classic rally car.

Art of Rally is specially designed so that you can enjoy a realistic driving system and master the lines of your drifts perfectly. Find that impossible gap, accelerate to the limit and find the cut of the corner to achieve the ideal skid. In this sense, the game does a great job because its physics are very well designed.

There is in total 72 stages with different levels It will allow you to test yourself with all kinds of daily challenges on rally tracks in Finland, Italy, Norway, Kenya or Japan.

This is one of my favorite games on the App Store. I spend hours doing this at the end of the week and it amuses me a lot. I hope it also allows you to enjoy your free time!

Art of Rally is compatible with iPhone, iPad and Mac, so you can enjoy dazzling rally racing from your favorite device. Of course, remember that this is not a game for showThe physics are super realistic and definitely show your full riding potential.

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