Epic Games took the decisive step to return Fortnite on iPhone. The company announced the delivery of the popular game and Epic Games Store process of getting notarized by Apple to move both to iOS/iPadOS. The studio hopes that the next step will be to launch it in the Apple ecosystem, although not worldwide.

Let’s keep in mind that opening up iOS and iPadOS to third-party app stores and alternative payment methods is exclusive to Europe. It’s true that Apple also has to adapt its ecosystem in other specific Asian markets for regulatory reasons, but Epic Games’ reference to the launch Fortnite and its iPhone and iPad store only complies with the European Union.

Still there is no specific date regarding the appearance of the Epic Games Store and Fortnite to Europe. Those led by Tim Sweeney only mention that they hope to achieve this in the coming months, but do not provide more specific information. Surely it all depends on how long the Apple notarization process takes and that there are no “buts” from those in Cupertino.

Fortnite and the Epic Games Store are one step away from coming to iPhone

Epic Games Store | Fortnite and Epic Games Store One Step Away to iPhone

Epic Games has high hopes for a return Fortnite on iOS/iPadOS since January this year. On the same day that Apple announced it was opening up its ecosystem in Europe to accommodate Digital Markets Act (DMA) the company announced that the game will return to Apple devices.

Let’s not forget about this Fortnite became the basis for a massive legal battle between Apple and Epic Games. At the time, the Cupertino-based company removed the game from the App Store because it violated a policy prohibiting links to external payment methods. This gave rise to counterclaims that are still echoing in American courts to this day.

In fact, in early March, a new chapter began to be written in the war between the two companies. Epic Games accused Apple of suspending its developer account in Europe in retaliation for publicly criticizing it. The case caused such a stir that even the European Commission announced that it would question residents of the neighborhood to check whether the maneuver in question violated the FDPA. Just a few hours later, Tim Cook’s people backed down and reinstated the game’s creators’ developer account. Fortnite.

Epic Games’ iPhone and iPad Plans Don’t End There Fortnite. The company announced that the Epic Games Store will appear not only on Apple devices, but also on Android. And that it will do so by the end of the year. In order to attract more developers, the firm will support revenue sharing with 88/12 scheme in favor of studiesamong other benefits.

As soon as arrival Fortnite and Epic Games Store on iOS/iPadOS, responsible persons They will focus on other platforms.. This is confirmed by the latest goal announced today. “Bring our games to other mobile app stores. We want to talk to all stores that offer great conditions to all developers,” they said.

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