new resident Evil is on the way, Capcom confirmed yesterday. At the Capcom Next event on Monday, the Japanese company announced that a new installment in its famous saga about survival horror It is already in development. Details about it are scarce, if not non-existent, although some have already dared to predict that it is the expected result. Resident Evil 9 and not a remake of any previous game.

The only thing that is specific is that the next one resident Evil will be responsible for Koshi NakanishiDirector RE7The announcement at the end of the event was made by Nakanishi himself, although he decided to play a mystery and did not provide any information other than the news itself.

“We are working on a new one resident EvilIt was very difficult to understand what to do after Resident Evil 7but I found it and, frankly, it seems reliable. “I can’t share any details yet, but I hope you look forward to the day when I can,” he said.

That’s all that’s been officially mentioned about the project in question. Nakanishi’s election and what he says about the “new resident Evil“It was enough for a significant part of the public and the specialized press to assume that this name Resident Evil 9. And while that position makes sense, we can’t take it for granted until Capcom ratify or reject it.

new resident Evil is under development

Resident Evil 8: The Village

Another indication that this might be Resident Evil 9 it would be that Capcom probably won’t continue so much caution in the announcement, if it was a “simple” remake. But, as we said, until there is more concrete news, we can’t rule out any possibility.

Let’s not forget that the Japanese company itself has admitted that it plans to remake other games in the saga. At the end of last year, Yasuhiro AnpoResident Evil 4 remake director confirmed that these remastered versions have become important sources of income for Capcom due to the great reception from players.

“We’ve done three remakes so far, and they’ve all been very well received. Since they allow modern audiences to play these games, I’m happy to do them. Especially since I loved the old games. As for the one we’ll remake in the future, I will. We’ll announce it later, so stay tuned for that,” he explained at the time.

I’ll have to see Which path does Capcom choose? hand in hand with the next resident Evil. If we were really talking about RE9will be the tenth main part of the saga and may continue after the events VillageIf it was a remake, it would be the same movie. Resident Evil 5considering that the previous three were done in chronological order.

Regardless, we still don’t have a release date or target window for this game to launch in. We’ll be keeping a close eye on developments and keeping you updated.

Source: Hiper Textual

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