It is known that Nike doesn’t shy away from collaborations to create exclusive or limited edition shoes. And now he’s decided to dive back into the world of video games, this time with the help of Bandai NamcoAn Oregon firm has teamed up with the Japanese to release two new sneakers inspired by Tekkenreports The only retriever.

The models in question are part of the Nike Air Foamposite One line and put two important figures of the saga in the spotlight: Kazuya Mishima And Jin Kazama. So far, only the design of the sneakers based on the first ones, which will soon go on sale under the name Tekken 8 x Nike Air Foamposite One Fist.

While the collaboration between Nike and Bandai Namco on these new sneakers is focused on Tekken 8actually aims to pay homage to the entire fighting game franchise, given that this year marks the 30th anniversary of its release Tekken original.

Apart from the fact that it plays a key role in almost all Tekkenwith the exception of Tekken 3The choice of Kazuya Mishima as the inspiration for the new Nike sneakers is not accidental. In the first game of the series, the character’s biography stated that his hobby is collect this type of shoes. Apparently, this was enough to start an alliance between the sportswear and leisurewear manufacturer and the iconic Japanese video game company.

Nike Pays Tribute to Kazuya Mishima with New Sneakers Tekken

As you can see from the promotional images, Nike has developed its new sneakers. Tekken based on Kazuya Mishima’s clothing. Like the character’s clothing, the shoes are dominated by texture, which imitates crocodile skin and where black and dark blue with an iridescent sheen predominate.

The sneakers are also adorned with a logo. Tekken 8 On the outsole, they feature the word FIST surrounded by blue rays. As for the Jin Kazama-inspired variant, no official photos have been released yet. The only retriever claims to have seen some early examples of the said model, which will be called Tekken 8 x Nike Air Foamposite One Fate Sneakers. Apparently, the design will be very similar to the one used in the Mishima version, but in opposite colors. In addition, they will have the FATE inscription with red rays on the sole.

As mentioned, Nike plans to release both sneakers for sale. Tekken next Septemberalthough without giving a more specific date. The shoes will be available both on the brand’s official website and at select retailers. However, it is unclear whether they will be sold worldwide or only in certain markets such as the US and Japan.

Of course, those who want to get Tekken 8 x Nike Air Foamposite One Fist And Fate They will have to prepare a portfolio. Each pair will go on sale at a price of 250 dollars. Without a doubt, this is an option intended for true fans of the legendary Bandai Namco fighting game saga.

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