Safe Free Society Center (SFS), with a special report, This will be Venezuela’s ‘Sniper Frontier’ of 2022. These “war games” will include the presence of Russia, China and Iran and will be held in August.


SFS makes it “A strategic move that seeks to pre-locate military assets deployed in Latin America and the Caribbean.” Several times, executive director Joseph Humire has warned of the progress of these three nations in Latin America and how they are trying to annoy the United States.

In his last speeches, Vladimir Putin emphasized that the unipolar world is coming to an end, and called for the construction of multipolarity, which is a part of the speeches of Nicolás Maduro, who was adopted in Chavismo and continued his friendly stance with them. three countries.

It was known that a month ago, Nicaragua gave the green light to the establishment of Russian military bases on its territory. Russian influence in Cuba and Argentine President Alberto Fernández’s wink at Moscow are also well known.

In these “war games” each country must show their soldiers’ weapon handling skills.. According to SFS, the fact that the venue is Venezuela is “a new attempt by the Nicolas Maduro regime to strengthen ties with allies in the east and challenge the United States.”

The last few weeks have seen Venezuela’s close ties to these three nations. During his visit to Iran, Nicolás Maduro signed cooperation agreements for 20 years.


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Source: Exame

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