Ubisoft plans to support skull and bones for years with a whole series of free content after launch. This was confirmed by the Quest director Terry Hano who stated during yesterday’s presentation that the game will continue to be supported so that players can enjoy it not just for months to come, but for many years to come.

The content will range from in game events until challenges more challenging to deal with in co-op, as well as other themed events, new ships, weapons, furniture and much more. According to what Ubisoft has stated, you can also smuggle and steal precious goods or raid a settlement or fortress with your friends with your friends. You can also participate in dynamic events where you can board merchant ships to steal valuable goods along trade routes.

We remind you that Skull and Bones will be available fromNov 8, 2022 for PC, XBox Series X/S, PS5 and Google Stadia.

  • Skull and Bones gets free post-launch content, years of support (gamingbolt.com)

Source: Lega Nerd

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