Via a press release, Bandai Namco confirmed he one hacker attack against numerous companies in Asian regions on July 3, 2022. The publisher added that it is currently researching the possible theft of sensitive data From consumers.

On July 3, 2022, Bandai Namco Holding Inc. confirmed Unauthorized access by third parties to the internal systems of numerous companies of the group in Asia (excluding Japan) ”, is the press release sent to VGC. “After confirming unauthorized access, we have taken the necessary steps, such as blocking access to servers to prevent the damage from spreading.

In addition, there is a possibility that consumer information with regard to the toy and hobby activities in Asian regions (excluding Japan) is included on the affected servers and PCs, and we currently identify the extent of the losses, the extent of the damage and investigations.

We will continue to investigate the cause of this incident and announce the results of the investigation. We will also collaborate with external organizations to strengthen the safety of the entire group and take measures to prevent a similar case from occurring again. We apologize to all involved for any complications or concerns caused by this incident.

Yesterday the Ransomware group Black cat claimed to have performed a cyber attack on Bandai Namco. A few hours later a document appeared on the net with different logos and names of the upcoming games that come out, including: A DLC from Elden Ring, Tekken 8, Little Nightmares, Tales of Ascension, Dragon Ball Fighterz Super and much more.

  • Bandai Namco confirms that it has been hacked and says it is investigating damage (video lady

Source: Lega Nerd

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