Blue Twelve Studio presents i real cats that inspire you the sweet cat main character of Stray. With a post on the PlayStation Blog, the developers wanted to introduce players to the three cats which inspired the movements and appearance of the game’s protagonist. Here’s Murtaugh, Oscar and Jun.

From an aesthetic point of view, Stray’s protagonist is inspired by the characteristics of Murtaugha stray cat found on the street near the city of Montpellier, France, and affectionately called “the boss” by the team.

Murtaugh was a huge help throughout the development phase. The team didn’t aim for a 100% accurate rendering from the start, but still wanted to have a protagonist that resembled it really believable, especially in the eyes of those who already have cats and are used to seeing them every day. For the developers, it was essential to capture the grace, vibrancy and playfulness of cats more than anything else.

While Martaugh’s sweetness and elegance were key to the team, he is ad Oscar that we owe the precise movements of the feline protagonist. Oscar even lent himself to show the animators how to make it movements dynamic and convincing from the point of view of to play.

Finally there is June: the general, president, commander and director of the studio, who was in the office every day to monitor the team’s efforts and make sure everyone was working without losing sight of the goal.

We remind you that Stray, Annapurna’s fascinating cat adventure, will be available tomorrow July 19, 2022 on PS4, PS5 and PC and from that same date included in the catalog of titles available to subscribers of the PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium.

  • Let’s meet Stray’s lost protagonist, arriving on July 19 (

Source: Lega Nerd

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