Nintendo released the third video story of the Kirby Stories. The movie called “Sweet dreams, Kirby” is part of ‘s video transposition project small illustrated stories starring Kirby, released only in Japan.

In this third video story, Kirby sleeps in his bed, dreaming of playing with his friends, eating pancakes and pranking King Dedede. All his friends go to visit him, but Kirby just can’t wake up.

This sweet initiative is part of the activities promoted by Nintendo to thirty years Kirby These beautiful video stories tell the adventures of little Kirby and his friends and are designed to introduce the smaller one of the cutest characters in the Nintendo world.

We remind you that this is just one of many initiatives designed to celebrate the iconic Nintendo character’s birthday, including the Kirby 30th Anniversary Music Fest, a concert that will tell the history of the famous franchise through music. But that’s not all, because Kirby’s official Twitter account in the Japanese version has promised the arrival of as much news for Kirby’s birthday celebration.

  • Kirby Stories: Sweet Dreams, Kirby (

Source: Lega Nerd

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