WhatsApp is by far the most used messaging application in the world, with huge popularity in Brazil. However, the platform still lags behind its competitors when it comes to features.

But that will soon change in some aspects: the platform is testing several interesting functions that should please users. Check out the list of new features already appearing in the beta version of WhatsApp and coming soon for the full version of the app below.

Leave groups without making a fuss

If you’ve always wanted to leave a WhatsApp group without leaving that notification that appears to all chat members, a new feature in the app will please you. The platform is testing a change that allows you to leave chat groups by simply notifying admins.

To maintain transparency in group chats, the function should be accompanied by a list of ex-members for chat groups. Therefore, whenever someone wants to know if a user has left the group, it will be necessary to consult the old members list.

Hide “online” status


The dream of many users who value privacy, hide “online” status It may come to application on WhatsApp in the future. The innovation appeared in tests on the messaging platform, which works with the “last seen” option.

So the user can choose to view the status online or hide it by following the same configuration as Last Seen; this can be hidden from everyone, only those who are not in their contact list, or specific users.

More time to delete messages

In its beta version, WhatsApp is testing the possibility of increasing the time it takes for users to delete sent messages. While the current limit is one hour, eight minutes and 16 seconds, some beta users have been able to delete chats. 2 days 12 hours later.

big and animated emojis


The functionality that already exists in competitors such as Telegram, “dev” and animated emojis should arrive on WhatsApp in the near future. The app has recently started testing the innovation with big colorful hearts.

computer enhancements

WhatsApp is also working on a few improvements that will come to the desktop versions of the platform soon. In addition to a special application for macOS Catalyst The team behind the messenger, which is under development, is implementing improvements to the Windows version.

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WhatsApp trial version for Microsoft operating system gets solutions like quick replies and a new look in the gallery. However, like the other solutions listed above, it is not yet clear when the changes will arrive for all users of the app.

Still, it’s worth keeping an eye on WhatsApp beta updates. After all, features like emoji reactions were released for testing and made available to all app users shortly after.

Source: Tec Mundo

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