For the first time, Microsoft has publicly admitted that he sold far fewer consoles than Sony during the last generation. It was, as it were, a Pulcinella secret that was already known to everyone, including the consumer.

The “disclosure” comes directly from the attorneys representing Microsoft before the Brazilian antitrust — where, as in many other parts of the world, the potential consequences ofacquisition of Activision Blizard. Microsoft needs to prove that it does not have a dominant position in the game consoles market, therefore highlighting all the difficulties compared to Sony – which has been selling more consoles for several generations and has some of the most played and appreciated exclusives from the public – here plays in its benefit.

Microsoft hasn’t provided official data on the number of consoles sold for years, so we only have estimates, often produced by independent market analyses. Again, lawyers haven’t revealed exactly how many Xbox Ones have been sold in the past generation.

The lawyers have limited themselves to writing, in black and white, that the number of PS4 consoles sold is more than double that of the Xbox One. A few months ago, Sony announced that approximately 116 million had been sold over its entire lifecycle Playstation 4. It means that theXbox One it has not been able to exceed the ceiling of 60 million units.

Source: Lega Nerd

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