This Monday, journalist Félix de Bedout said in La W: It was former president Juan Manuel Santos and his wife, María Clemencia Rodriguez, who were not allowed to board the Avianca plane. Came from Canada to Colombia.

The event, which will take place at the end of May, was first mentioned last Sunday by journalist Héctor Abad Faciolince in his column titled ‘Anonymous harassment’ in El Espectador. However, he did not reveal the identity of the former president, who was not allowed to board the plane.


Abad, however, in his column The former president and his wife had completed immigration procedures, had boarding passes and checked baggage, and were denied boarding. at the time of boarding and without explanation.

“When the citizen and his wife try to ask for an explanation, no explanation is given to them. They just repeat that they can’t fly. What’s more, they want them to leave as they’ve gotten in their way. It goes without saying that the citizen was not drunk, not aggressive and broke any rules,” wrote Héctor Abad.

According to the journalist’s column, his wife (María Clemencia) tried to find out why they were not boarded, and they replied, “There are orders not to allow your husband to board the plane.”but he said he could travel alone if he wanted to.

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Eventually the plane took off with their luggage and they had to buy a new ticket from another company to spend the night at the airport and return to Colombia the next day.

Finally, The former president contacted Avianca to make a request and request a refund of the money they had paid for the tickets.however, according to Faciolince, they did not give him an answer after a few months.

“The Avianca manager promises to find out and respond to you within 24 hours. To date, no response and no refund. The suitcases have arrived,” says the Faciolince column.

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A document from the airline dated June 14 Air Canada responds to former President Santos’ claim to Avianca. He explains that after investigation, a 9-minute delay was found on flight AC120 from Vancouver to Toronto on May 28.

Air Canada said, “This delay caused our systems to rebook your trip on the next available flight as the connection was deemed unsuitable. To complete this rebooking process, Air Canada had to take control of your e-ticket.” Air Canada announced.

According to the Canadian airline, this delay and flight change prevented Santos from boarding flight Avianca AV205.. In addition to the apology, Air Canada offered the former president a “one-time discount” of 25% on the base fare for his next flight.

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Source: Exame

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