‘Hanx 101 Trivia’: The first Apple Arcade trivia, designed by Tom Hanks

“Hanx 101 Trivia” tests your knowledge with 58,000 questions in a wide variety of categories!

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For Tom Hanks It’s not enough to be a great actor, win a few Oscars, or be the protagonist and producer of one of the top-rated movies on Apple TV+. Among his list of attributes, he also counts his face as follows: application and video game developer and has always trusted Apple for that.

After the release of an app called Hanx Writer that mimicked the manual typewriter in 2014, Hanks will be supported by the bitten apple company for the launch of the trivia game “Hanx 101 Trivia”.. It will be available on the Apple Arcade game service starting this Friday september 2.

Tom Hank tries again in the tech world

'Hanx 101 Trivia': The first Apple Arcade trivia, designed by Tom Hanks

Hanx 101 Trivia Apple Arcade contains 58,000 questions from various categories

Created by indie game studio BlueLine Studios, the title test your knowledge in various categories and multiple game modes to become the ultimate trivia master.

According to Apple, Hanks describes the game in “Hanx 101 Trivia.” 58,000 questions in various categories such as history, science, geography, food, art, business and technologyvia the following invitation:

Play, learn, compete and become a trivia master with ‘Hanx 101 Trivia’, created and developed in collaboration with actor and filmmaker Tom Hanks.

“Hanx 101 Trivia” will be a fun option to test our knowledge as well as launch a new category in the Apple Arcade service. Since its launch in September 2019, Apple’s game bet adds 200 games, but none of them had discovered trivial things. Moreover “Hanx 101 Trivia” will let you play solo or in competitive head-to-head mode. Players can also team up for competitive trivia matches.

At the moment, Apple Arcade is available via a 4.99 Euro monthly subscription or a 44.99 Euro annual plan.. And you can enjoy it on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV devices. Mac and AppleTV.

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